Causes and treatments of stress

At some point in life, everyone goes through stress, the feeling where they cannot cope with the ongoing events. Stress is not always due to adverse events, as it might be caused by exciting events as well. When things are going too fast, and one cannot process the situations or handle the pressure that comes with it, it also results in stress. Events that cause stress can come from work, relationships, or financial issues. The whole routine disrupts when a person is going through stress. Stress and sleep are correlated. A person cannot function normally in their daily life if even one of them gets disturbed, asking themselves Relationships hold prime importance in everyone’s life since they provide warmth, support, exuberance, comfort and a sense of protection. However, when become unhealthy, they cause massive turbulence and discomfort in one’s life, and steal the peace of mind. Regardless of the nature or kind, all relationships experience ups and downs. Some people get through them unassisted while others seek external assistance. It’s of no doubt that dealing with relationship problems is quite demanding and if not dealt with at the right time and in the wise manner, people may end up facing emotional turmoil, severing the ties, or even ending their after they wonder why does life suck. While dealing with stress and sleep, there are many solutions like organic supplements that can help us control the situation from getting worse.

Types of stress

Stress is classified into two types acute and chronic. Acute stress is mainly known as short-term stress and is the most common one as it occurs when people feel pressure from the ongoing events or when they are concerned about the upcoming situations and challenges. Acute stress usually disappears after the event or situation has passed or been solved. The benefit of acute stressors is that they can get through any case without the fear of long-term effects. The most impact the acute stressors face during their phase are headaches or moderate level of distress. However, if acute stressing events occur often, they might convert an acute stressor into a chronic stressor.

Chronic stress is a more severe and dangerous kind of stress. Dealing with chronic stress affects life in more than one way. Chronic stress is usually caused by extreme events like accidents, dysfunctional families, or any traumatic experience. A chronic stressor’s body gets affected in multiple ways and can cause severe damage to the physical and mental health. Chronic stressors stop looking for help as they cannot find a solution to solve the ongoing issue with them. It becomes challenging for the body to function normally or carry out daily life tasks like sleeping or eating while going through chronic stress. Many diseases might arise due to chronic stress like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Keeping hormone levels normal becomes hard while dealing with chronic stress disrupting the body systems like cardiovascular, immune, reproductive, and respiratory.

Relation between sleep and stress

One of the first things that get affected while the person is going through stress is sleep. Sleep is one thing that gets disturbed even with the slightest change in your routine. With stress, many other mental health problems arise, like PTSD and depression, which can affect a person’s whole life. Stress and sleep both have an equivalent effect on the psychological and physical health of a person. Lack of sleep causes laziness, mood swings, and difficulty in concentrating. A person should never drive if he/she did not get proper sleep as it will be hard for them to focus while driving, which might result in an accident.

Wrapping it up!

Stress can cause the autonomic nervous system in humans to release hormones like adrenaline which might cause the body to take immediate action and work impulsively. While treating the stress and irregular sleeping pattern, organic supplements are also a quick and long-term treatment without causing any side effects. Acute stress should be treated immediately and effectively to avoid the chances of it converting into chronic stress. As we know, chronic stress is hard to deal with and has severe and long-term effects.

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