The Court Is In Session: Sequel Series to Iconic “Night Court” Inches Closer to Reality

Here at Vents, we run with a lot of news stories that can sometimes be frustratingly vague for both us and our readers when it comes to exact production and release dates, casting, etc. In order to keep up with the proverbial Joneses (looking at you here, Hollywood Reporter and Variety) and to ensure that you’re up to date on any and all things pop culture-related, it’s nigh unavoidable. That’s why it’s always cause for celebration in our little corner of the pop culture world when something we’ve reported on previously shows up anew at our doorstep wrapped with a nice, fat ribbon that screams “UPDATE!” Such was the case this very morning when word dropped from The Hollywood Reporter on a subject ye olde reporter pontificated on some time back – the unexpected revival of the 1984-’92 classic NBC series Night Court.

 When last we reported on this potential revisit of Night Court, we were intrigued and yet skeptical that a show that – while a stellar ensemble for great character actors such as John Larroquette, Richard Moll, Charles Robinson, Markie Post and others – hinged on the late, great Harry Anderson could successfully return sans its quirky leading man. Well, NBC must be reassured enough in the initial hook we reported on in our original article (For the record, the hook is thus: The daughter of Harry Anderson’s character takes up her old man’s gavel with John Larroquette’s sleazy yet lovable Dan Fielding returning for the proceedings) that the home of the peacock has issued an official pilot order for the new iteration of the fan favorite show.

 The new Night Court got more than a cursory studio once over due in part to the revival’s leading lady, Melissa Rauch. Turns out that the actress who is best known for her star turn in The Big Bang Theory is also a fan of the original series and brought her idea of a sequel to the Big Wheels at Warner Bros. TV where she has an overall deal in place with the network. Who would’ve thunk it? Faster than you can say “the court is in session”, NBC got down to brass-tacks, promoting Rauch to the role of executive producer on Night Court as well as one of its stars.

 In a press release about the revived series, Rauch said that “My intention was purely to be behind the camera on this project, but my plans quickly changed after falling in love with the incredible script from the brilliant mind of Dan Rubin. I couldn’t be more thrilled to join forces with Dan, the immense talent that is John Larroquette, and the two powerhouse institutions of comedy that are NBC and Warner Bros. to bring Night Court back to television.”

This long-in-the-tooth scribe can still vividly recall watching many a first-run episode of Night Court back in the halcyon and hazy 1980s. I was instantly attracted to the off-the wall and zany humor of the show’s leading man (which seemed derived from the best of the old Thin Man series of films from the 1930s and 40s) and I longed for my very own Harry Anderson inspired collection of painted neckties from the 1940s (along with Anderson’s other trademark, that beautiful fedora). And while I could opine about a Night Court without Mr. Anderson, I’m happy enough to give this new version a fair enough shake when it eventually lands on the boob tube; I think it’s what that lovable screwball would want.

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