IMDb TV Goes All-In On New Dick Wolf Drama “On Call”

Legendary television producer and all-around raconteur Dick Wolf has always been one of the busier figures in the entertainment industry. Since 1990, Wolf has been a virtual one man cottage industry in any and all things Law & Order: From the original iteration of the seminal series to its various and sundry offspring such as Law & Order: LA, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, Law & Order: True Crime and too many others that space prevents me from listing (for the record, there are a grand total of six spinoffs – Take that, NCIS!), it has become abundantly clear over the last thirty years that the public at large more than has an appetite for the popular series and the colorful characters that inhabit them. Yes sir, no rest for Mr. Wolf who celebrated his 74th birthday this past December and his driving philosophy of cranking out enjoyable shows that people love to watch has become even more validated with the news from our compatriots at The Hollywood Reporter that this two-time Emmy winner has a new series on the way…

 Dick Wolf’s new half hour show is called On Call and is about a pair of police officers that patrol Long Beach, California. Each episode will follow a new call the pair have to respond to. This intriguing premise proved too compelling for streaming platform IMDb to pass up on; On Call has been ordered straight to series by the streamer.

The series order from IMDb follows on the heels of another announcement from no less of an industry giant than NBC who, just hours before the IMDb deal hit the presses, confirmed their plans for a seventh Law & Order spin-off entitled Law & Order: For the Defense. It could be said with very little hyperbole indeed that Dick Wolf is having a pretty good start to his week.

 Details are said to be forthcoming about On Call’s episode count as well as the specific creators involved in the production. As soon as it all becomes known and is made clear to us here at Vents, we’ll have the details to you faster than you can say Perry Mason (or Starsky and Hutch to be more apt)! Congrats, Mr. Wolf! Now get to work; you have a lot of fans waiting for what will inevitably be your next franchise series!

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