Top 10 Reasons Why Landlords Should Use a Letting Agent

Letting your property can be a long process when you try to tackle legalities and negotiations independently. Right from looking for a tenant until you seal the deal, a letting agent can effectively help you save time and efficiently let your property with a fair rent. Choose a local estate agent; for example, if you are looking to rent your property in Clapham, choose the Clapham estate agents to guide you promptly.

Choose an estate agent with a proven track record like the Orlando Reid Southwest London and central London estate agents who can make the letting process a breeze for you with several added advantages. Here we have listed the most prominent reasons why you have to choose an estate agent instead of letting your property on your own.

1. Your rent is assured every month

Though several processes need to be taken care of before letting, one of the landlord’s primary concerns is that they want to ensure their rent is paid every month. If you have a property in Clapham, an excellent letting agent in Clapham can offer fully managed services where the letting agreement is drawn with the deposit amount and first month’s rent duly collected. You shall receive rent throughout the year, even when they are in the process of finding a new tenant.

2. All your legal requirements are taken care of

Several legal requirements, including gas, electricity, and fire safety requirements, must be met to let your property. You can subscribe to a fully managed service from London estate agents and be assured that all the legal formalities are kept up to date for your property.

3. Rent your property faster

Estate agents have a vast database of people looking to move houses. They can find you a tenant through multiple channels like social media, online portals and so on. The tenant that comes through an estate agent is filtered as per your preference, making the letting process easier.

4. Get higher payback for the rent

As the estate agent has the expertise at the market prices, they will help you get a fair price for your property. They will professionally handle the negotiations with your tenant and will close the deal with a competitive price that may not be possible to achieve when you try to let your property on your own.

5. Finding the right tenant for you

An estate agent will help you find the right kind of tenant. They will ensure an elaborate screening process is done and references are made to connect you with the most suitable tenant as per your requirement. They act as the perfect middleman and inform the tenant about all they need to know about the property.

6. A complete property inventory

When you hire a professional, they will make sure to get a complete inventory of your both in written and photographic format to help your adjudication in the future. When you try to let your property on your own, there is a chance that you may overlook something.

7. Regular property inspection

Another concern that most landlords have is that if their property is well-taken care of by their tenants. When you hire an estate agent, they make frequent visits to the property so you can put yourself at ease. They will act as a middleman between you, and your tenant will take care of everything even if you are away from your property.

8. All repairs and replacement are taken care of

As a landlord, you will have to get the repairs and replacement done in case of malfunctions and damages. But when you have a letting agent, they will provide 24-hour services to emergencies that you will never have to hunt for a handyperson.

9. Provide advice to gain a higher rent

An estate agent can rightly evaluate your property and suggest redoing your property to help gain a higher rent. Estate agents can help you make a suitable investment in the property to help you get higher returns in the form of rent.

10. For your peace of mind

The last but one of the most important reasons to hire an estate agent is to have peace of mind. Letting a property is not a three-step process. It requires immense effort from answering tenant queries, handling taxation and complying with all estate laws. This can eventually become overwhelming, which is why letting a professional handle it can give you peace of mind.

With all these benefits and more, it is best advised for the landlords to use an estate agent’s help to help in letting property.

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