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Things you need to clean your air ducts

The duct system of a home is a very important aspect of any home because it serves such a fundamental purpose. The duct system is responsible for ensuring that there is always fresh air in the home. It removes the foul air from the house and brings in fresh air that keeps its occupants happy and healthy. However, as the duct system continues to be used, it becomes contaminated by dirt, smoke, dust, and other materials that pass through it from the house and the surrounding environment. As such, after some time, the duct system will need to be cleaned.

The complexity of the process of cleaning the ducts will vary depending on many factors among them being the size of the house. If the house is big with a complicated floor plan, it follows naturally that the duct system is also complex in design. Cleaning huge and complex duct systems can be such a daunting task and that is why many homeowners usually opt to hire a professional cleaning service to do the job. that however, doesn’t mean that you can’t get the job done by yourself if you decided to. With the right supplies and tools, you can get the job done in a few hours.

The first step to cleaning a duct system is to obtain the necessary supplies, which include washing powder soap and water. In this article, I will be talking about the various tools and equipment you need for theProvo Air Duct Cleaning.

Get a good vacuum cleaner

To clean a duct system, you will need to start by obtaining the right vacuum filter.  A conventional cleaner should be able to get the job done if you are doing the cleaning of the ducts on your own house. However, if you are offering duct cleaning services, you will need a more robust vacuum cleaner because of the amount of work you will be doing. The vacuum cleaner you choose should have a hose of appropriate length so that it can make it possible to reach all the tight corners you will be cleaning. The hose should be flexible so that it can bend easily without getting damaged.

If you are offering duct cleaning services to people, you should consider obtaining a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.

Invest in a brush

Part of cleaning a duct system involves scrubbing all the dirt that adheres to the sides of the ducts. For this, you will need a brush that has very strong bristles. The brush you choose should have a long handle so that the tip with bristles can be able to reach deep into the duct to remove dirt. The bristles should also be very stiff so that they can remove tough dirt without losing form or getting damaged.

Get some screwdrivers

Vents and air ducts are usually held together using screws that will need to be unscrewed when you are cleaning the system. To avoid wasting a lot of time and making the work more efficient, you should equip yourself with a screwdriver for unscrewing the vents and other parts.

Besides the equipment and supplies named above, you will also need cleaning cloths and furnace filters.

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