Sushant Pal touching the heights of success with his hardworking spirit

During earlier times, most of the talented people never got any engagement. Now if we are aware of our unique talent then definitely there is a place for you in the online world.

He is just 23 years old and he is working with 400+ big brands including Muscle Blaze Nutrition, Topman,, Puma India, Levi’s, Voylla, etc. Sushant Pal is one of the brightest names out of such influencers. His passion for fitness and fashion helped him to drive several campaigns that moved around fitness. With more than 20K followers on Instagram, he keeps on sharing video content and inspirational stuff to drive things smoothly.

He never intended to become an influencer an only wanted to keep his focus on improving other people’s lifestyle but since he has a huge fan following at the moment, he has adapted very well into the role of one. Mr Pal has over 20k followers on Instagram itself, making him quite famous. One of his biggest achievements is being the brand ambassador of Blendjet.

Sushant Pal majored as an engineer and now functions Multitasking and juggling various things at a time. According to him, your body should be the number one priority. If you cannot maintain your body, then you cannot possibly have a good lifestyle. Begin with the basics and improve your roots, that way you can focus on other things better. With so much experience in a lot of different industries, he has too many followers looking up to him. Surprisingly, he also happens to be an engineer, but functions as a professional influencer.

He is really a huge fitness freak but never keeps his secrets to himself because he wants everyone else to make the best use out of his tips and tricks. Follow the routine and stick to it! Curious? Follow Sushant Pal’s official account @sushantpalofficial. Stay tuned to his Instagram page, keep following his tips on fitness and gaining immunity rather than slacking off!

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