Looking to Improve Your Looks?  A Brow Lift is Your Answer

When you look at yourself in the mirror and realize some aging signs, this can affect your attractiveness. The appearance of fine lines and a low-drooping brow changes your appearance, causing you to lose your confidence and lower your self-esteem. That is why your San Francisco brow lift center has come up with a surgical procedure to improve your look and gain your confidence.

Why go for a brow lift?

Despite your dropping brow changing your appearance, it can also affect your vision. When your upper eyelid skin overstretches, covering your lashes, it becomes hard for you to open your eyelids. If you have brow asymmetry, people might mistake your mood because you will look angry or tired.

Preparations before brow lift procedure

Before you go for your brow lift procedure, your doctor will talk to you about some things you need to do and what you should avoid. Your doctor will advise you to quit smoking for some time if you are a smoker. If you take some anti-inflammatory drugs and blood thinners, your doctor will request you to stop taking them for some time before the surgery to avoid over bleeding during the procedure. 

Brow lift procedures

There are different procedures for a brow lift. An internal brow lift, endoscopic brow lift, and direct brow lift. Your doctor may discuss with you each process and recommend the one that suits your need.

Internal brow lift

Your doctor will recommend this procedure to attain an excellent lift of your outside corner brow, avoiding extra incisions. Your doctor will reconnect your overstretched eyelid skin into its actual position further up your forehead. The recovery time for this procedure is minimal.

Endoscopic brow lift

Your doctor will recommend endoscopic brow lift to shape and lift your brow and alleviate forehead wrinkles with a good elevation of your hairline. Your doctor will take three to five small incisions in your scalp behind your hairline to hide the scars. He will then use an endoscope to raise and release your forehead attaching it using stitches, then close the incisions using staples.

Direct brow lift

Your surgeon will use this technique to remarkably raise your eyebrow by making an incision directly above your eyebrow hairs to decrease scar visibility.

Recovery after brow lifts procedure.

After the procedure, you might experience the following:

·         Bruising and swelling will fade after a week. Your doctor will advise you to keep your head raised to relieve your swelling for two days

·         Tingling and numbness for three weeks which will diminish after two to three months.

·         Your doctor may prescribe some medications to relieve your pain

·         After five to seven days, your doctor will remove your staples and stitches

·         Your doctor will advise you to avoid lifting heavy things and avoid many activities within the first week after surgery.

·         You can go back to work after ten days, depending on your recovery rate.

Call the Aesthetic Surgery Center to schedule an appointment to have your youthful and beautiful look restored.

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