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Stolen or Lost your Phone? Here’s How to Recover it Fast

Android and iOS have very useful tools that allow you to quickly find your smartphone if you lost it or it is stolen. Even if you can’t get your phone back, you can remotely lock it and erase all data.

There are also services like that allow you to dial your smartphone immediately. The first thing you have to do when you can’t find your gadget – call a lost cell phone. According to stats, in 50 percent of the cases the lost phone appears somewhere in the apartment or deep in the school bag. And when you are alone, calling your phone services is life saving. 

Preventive Measures

While you can use the best proxy servers without registration anytime you want, it’s not so easy with lost phone tracking apps. To use the services of finding a smartphone in case of loss, you need to give them some permissions in advance. In particular, Android devices must have two important features enabled: Location and Find My Device. Also, of course, you need to connect your gadget to a Google account.

Check the status of these functions right now – just in case of a steal.

Often, users obsessed with the idea of ​​global surveillance turn off all possible geolocation services. They are significantly reducing their chances of returning a lost smartphone in the future.

On Android, go to Google Settings, then to Security and activate the Find My Device option if it’s not already on.

On iOS, open Settings, then iCloud and activate Find iPhone. Then make sure Location Settings are on under Privacy settings.

What To Do If Phone Is Stolen

You tried calling your device – and there is no answer. You can’t hear anything, or the phone is already turned off. What to do then?

On Android

Log in to your Google account and use Find My Phone to access real-time information about the location of your smartphone. You can also download the Find My Device app from Google Play to any other Android gadget at your disposal.

With the help of these apps, you can:

1. Lock the phone with a message on the screen. If you forget your phone, for example, in a cafe or taxi, this way you can inform the staff to return the device to you. To do this, set a digital password to unlock the device – or specify the one you are already using. Then you can enter the message text and a spare phone number for communication. Your message will be on the screen of your phone if someone finds it.

2. Delete information on your phone and sign out of your Google account. In case you are sure that the phone has been stolen and it is unlikely that someone will return it to you voluntarily. Just click on the Clear Device button.

On iPhone

Use iCloud and sign in with your Apple ID to find out exactly where your phone is. You can also use Find My iPhone on any other Apple device. Similarly, you can find MacBook, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch.

Using the app features, you also can:

1. Lock the device into Lost Mode. Then iCloud and Find My iPhone will track all movements of the device over the past 24 hours. The device will be locked. And there will be a message with a backup phone number for communication on the screen.

2. Erase all data from the device if it is irretrievably lost.

What To Do If Lost Phone Is Off

The above methods only work when the phone is on. But if the device is stolen, most likely the first thing to do is turn it off. Are there any chances to return the smartphone in this case?

There are a few. You can try to find out the IMEI of the gadget – this is a unique number that each device has. By this number, one can identify the device, no matter what the intruders do with it. Here’s how to find out the IMEI.

For an Android device, go to Find My Phone and click on the button with the letter i in the circle next to the image of your phone in the upper left corner.

For iPhone, use iTunes. Click on the image of your device and select the Overview tab from the menu on the left. The Serial number field will contain your IMEI.

What to do next? On the Internet, you can find many resources offering to find a phone by IMEI online. But they are all fiction. There is simply no technical opportunity to perform such a search, so do not hope for a miracle and do not use the services of questionable services.

Here is the only correct course of action:

  • find documentation on your phone.
  • go to the police station and file a theft report.

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