Ziey Kizzy is a very popular musician and vocalist. The musician has been working hard a lot lately in his music career. Since, his childhood, the musician has been living around grew up in the high presence of the bands. Ziey Kizzy started at his very early age and started his career by being a guitarist. But in the later years, he simply kept the guitar down and analyzed that his heart always fell for being a vocalist and a songwriter.

Since he was a teen he always had a dream of blending his love of the edgy alternative singing with rapping and soon he found his style. Being a songwriter he is a very focused musician and is completely dedicated to writing amazingly! The day he found his style, the musician started honing his skills at the hot money studios that earned him the respect of many of his peers at that particular age.


 Ziey Kizzy being a skilled songwriter focused on writing the songs whether he felt inspired and whether he didn’t.  He is the master of his music and art as he has all the skills to craft it in a very unique way. Ziey Kizzy in the hot money studios got the bug for producing and engineering. This was the time when the musician took all he had from his learning and invested in the production of his music.

With his skills, and the right blend of the elements the songs of the Ziey Kizzy were picked up the high standard labels like RCA, sony, universal, and many other record labels. Ziey Kizzy is a super process-oriented songwriter and believes in following the process that helps in getting the right rhythm and lyrics of the songs. While writing great songs he is completely caught up in the moment to bring out the best of his skills. The musician easily blocks the internal and external distractions.

The entire process of the songwriting allows him to stay focused and to reach the overall goal as the ruder to steer their efforts.  Hence, he is super deliberate with this work which allows him the complete freedom to write any type of song which is in his hand.


It is really difficult to be a skilled songwriter. It takes a lot of courage to pick up different ideas. Having one idea in your mind about a song takes you in one direction without letting you think about the other excellent perspectives of the song. Therefore, the key is always open to different to all the sides and hence accepting various ideas. His ability to look at various songs in depth provides him with a depth approach while writing the lyrics and affords him excellent creator options. Also, he says that it is always good to take feedback from the mentors.

Follow his Journey on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zieykizzy/

Find him on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/zieykizzy

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