After Touring With May J. Blige, Elisa Drops “No One Compares” Feat Outlaw jacc

After touring with Mary J. Blige with one remains one of her most beautiful experiences, the singer-songwriter Elisa has dropped her new single, titled “No One Compares” ft Outlaw jacc. 

This incredibly well-build electro-R&B single is set to make some noise in the game, thanks to the natural chemistry shared by both these extremely talented artists. 

Elisa’s hauntingly beautiful vocals instantly set the vibe and raise the heat while Outlaw jacc’s cool and confident flow balances the whole track to elevate it to a near-perfect number. 

Elisa has performed in many countries, including The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, England, Greece, Germany and Italy with her own band, as well as toured the United States with Mary J. Blige. She is also a successful entrepreneur and owns three brands. She is currently working on her upcoming album, so make sure to keep her on your radar!

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