Weekend Movie Recommendations: Best Picture Edition

For my weekend movie recommendations, in the wake of the Oscars I’m going in an Academy route. Basically, I looked to see where Best Picture winners were streaming and then found a few of my favorites that I thought would go well together. So if you have already seen this year’s winner Nomadland, you can dig into this movies!

I’m starting old school and on HBO Max with Casablanca. This is a classic movie that is truly a classic. When I watched it for the first time, naturally after having heard it talked up for years, I was taken by how much it holds up. The script crackles. It looks beautiful. This is genuinely a great movie, and a good way to start.

If you are dedicating a weekend to watching Oscar winners, you have to include a film that’s about the movies in many ways. That would be The Artist. No, it isn’t the best Best Picture winner. However, I seem to like it more than most. It’s still good and a fun watch, especially if you love movies. Plus, it’s streaming on Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Netflix. This is a frothy film, one that you can use to maybe lead into something a bit more intense.

Video. Las implicaciones del lanzamiento de moneda en 'No Country for Old  Men' - ENFILME.COM

OK then, let’s get intense. No Country For Old Men is an amazing thriller and also a truly well-crafted film. Javier Bardem is terrifying in an Oscar-winning performance. I saw this movie in the theaters on Thanksgiving with my family. Yes, that was a little weird as holiday fare. It’s still a great movie. No Country For Old Men is also on HBO Max.

Usually I recommend three films, but this time I am doing four. Let’s keep the Oscar vibes going for one more weekend, huh? After the intensity of No Country For Old Men, I want you to be able to get to sleep. Honestly, I’m going with Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Here’s what you do: You throw it on, you watch it until you get tired, and then you fall asleep. Hey, it’s a three-hour movie. You’ve probably seen it before. You’ll enjoy it while you are awake, but falling asleep will be just fine. Especially if it’s during one of the like 12 endings that happen one after another for the last hour.

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