Amidst Rising Success, LJ Bronx’s Instagram Is Terminated

Since his triumphant debut as a hip-hop artist in 2020, twenty-three-year-old LJ Bronx has kept himself busy and productive while proliferating his music catalog and building up his brand. In the first quarter of 2021, LJ Bronx surpassed the expectations of his ever-expanding audience by releasing critically acclaimed tracks and numerous music videos—seven of which he distributed in just the four weeks of February—, and all have skyrocketed in ratings and views across various platforms. But unbeknownst to the up-and-coming rapper, misfortune was about to strike just as he was finding his footing on the golden road to success.  

On April 30th, 2021…LJ Bronx’s winning streak hit an unforeseen snag when Instagram silently removed the rapper’s social media presence from their platform. The hard work that amassed over forty-five thousand followers, as well as thousands of likes and comments, was lost in an instant. Fans and colleagues of LJ Bronx are left shaken in disbelief and have taken to tagging the main Instagram account in several posts and stories to demand the reinstatement of the rapper’s original account, @LJ_Bronx. And while no update has been given on this situation, it would certainly be a sight to behold if the unity of LJ Bronx’s loyal supporters plays a role in the restoration of his former account.

Although it remains unclear as to why Instagram has taken such a strong step against LJ Bronx, one thing remains definite and that is that this hip-hop artist’s upward trajectory will certainly move forward. With several upcoming interviews under his belt along with new music and visuals set to be released alongside never-before-seen content from Maskedfaces Media Outlet, it is clear that LJ Bronx requires no spotlight from social media to be seen or heard.

Whether Instagram restores his original account or he sets up a new one, it’s best to keep an eye out for LJ Bronx’s promising return to the top. As every setback sets the stage for a comeback, and LJ Bronx’s will be one to remember. 

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