INTERVIEW: Scouting For Girls

We’re pleased to have with us today the members of one of the most exciting pop rock bands going today, Scouting For Girls! Before we get too Chet Flippo on you gents, how has your 2021 been treating you thus far?

Thank you for that intro, but I think this is going to be more Jeremy Kyle than Chet Flippo!

I can’t lie 2021 has been a bit slow at the moment with everything that is going on, but things seem to be coming together slowly so fingers crossed.

2.) Congrats and major kudos on your new album which recently dropped, Easy Cover! How do you all feel about the new recordings that are currently burning up the airwaves?

Yeah we’re all loving it. It’s something we’ve looked at before and never had the time to do until now. So we’re all very excited.

3.) What led to the decision to cut an album (in your own distinctive style, natch!) of cover songs?

One word one dash and two numbers! COVID-19

We had a whole years schedule go ‘bye bye’ like everyone else, and we wanted to put things out there for our fans and not disappear. We had been thinking about it for a while and it just seemed like the ideal opportunity.

4.) Another fave group of all of us here at Vents is WEEZER who released to great plaudits their own cover album a couple of years back. First of all, are you all fans of WEEZER and did the good reception afforded their efforts inspire your own awesome album?

I love WEEZER! Theirs was one of the first albums I ever bought with my pocket money when I was about 12! I think Rivers Cuomo is one of the most underrated song writers ever. There was an element of seeing what they had done with their covers as a reference for Easy Cover.

5.) Was the most difficult aspect of cutting the album deciding what to leave out? It seems like you all could have slayed any number of tunes from bands like The Outfield and TheSmiths…

We can slay anyone’s song in every sense of that word! But we just decided on the songs from the era that meant the most to us. But mainly the easiest to play live and not slay! In that sense of the word!

6.) The reception of Easy Cover has been nothing short of phenomenal…Can you foresee one day cutting a Volume Two of Easy Cover?

There is talk of it, as this seems to have done so well. Maybe a different decade!

7.) As extremely talented musicians, was there any level of trepidation in covering these well-known tunes? How do you pay homage to that original music while interjecting what makes Scouting For Girls so unique and special?

Thank you very much, I think this question was aimed at me (Pete). I had no trepidation in doing these tracks! I live life like it’s the 80s! From the Walls Viennetta to trying to send an email on a Commodore 64 (it doesn’t work!) so I think that helped to give the album a different spin!

8.) Have you gotten any feedback from any of the musicians whose music you so lovingly covered in Easy Cover?

Martin Fry of ABC, one emoji……. 👍. We’ll take that!

9.) The 1980s and the early 1990s has certainly received its share of attention and revisiting over the last few years and leading up to Easy Cover. What is the appeal in 2021 do you think for these particular eras?

It’s got to be the Music New Romantics and Brit pop! All such cool movements in music! And let’s be honest the only other things we got were Maggie Thatcher, four tv channels and shell suits!

10.) COVID-19 has certainly played havoc with touring schedules for most if not all musical artists. How has Scouting For Girls adjusted and pivoted during this pandemic and can we expect to see you back on tour in 2021?

It has! But on the plus side I’ve been able to Ronseal my fence which I’ve been putting off for years! We have a huge tour October/November all over the UK which we are getting ready for now and we can’t wait.

11.) Scouting For Girls has played some mighty big venues such as the Wembley Arena and the Royal Albert Hall. Do you prefer these epic, widescreen shows, or do you enjoy a more quiet and intimate venue?

They’re all great. As a band we just want to perform no matter what size of venue, and we always try to put on the same show. But at a push I’d say the bigger venues only because you’re pretty much guaranteed a parking space!

12.) Secret Origin Time: How did Scouting For Girls come about

Me and Roy met in the Scouts aged 6. And Greg and Roy went to school together. Roy and Greg started the band, and being honest it was stalling. Then I joined and BANG! Major success!! Ten years later!

13.) Musically, who inspires you?

For me WEEZER and Phil Collins. We’re all kids of the Brit pop revolution and that period really inspired us to get into music.

14.) When writing your original material, what comes first for you: The music or the lyrics?

It’s definitely the music. We’ve written more songs then we’ve listened to which we’re very proud of. And as the drummer I never really listen to the lyrics anyway! I just count to four!

15.) Final – SILLY! – Question: Favorite movie about rock and roll – Almost FamousThis Is Spinal Tap or La Bamba?

It’s got to be Spinal Tap! Something from that movie has happened to every band that I know! Including us!

Everybody Wants To Rule World - Scouting for Girls

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