Science Fiction Romance “Meet Me in Another Life” Finds Its Leading Lady in Actor Gal Gadot

Love is a strange thing: an intense emotion that no known drug can quite replicate (save perhaps Chocolate Yoo-hoo, a drink for the ages if ever there was one), it can bring out both the best and the worst in people. It challenges us to be our Better Selves and can push us forward when every other indicator screams at us to stop and just hate-watch the second season of Homecoming or the 93rd Annual Academy Awards already. Why, I’ve been known to write some of the most treacly, gut-wrenching poetry ever put forth on paper by man all in the name of love, something that – thank the spirit of Byron and Shelley – my wife put an end to in lieu of actual considerate and well-thought out evening dinners. Yes, love is indeed an oddball character and it appears that it’s about to get even odder…at least for actor Gal Gadot.

 According to our Advice to the Lovelorn fans at The Hollywood Reporter, Gal Gadot of Justice League fame has signed along the dotted line to play a hapless fool for L-O-V-E in the upcoming science fiction romance film Meet Me In Another Life. Color of ink used to sign said contract; red, of course.

 Meet Me In Another Life is based off of the debut novel of the same name by author Catriona Silvey and is about two individuals named Thora and Santi who keep bumping into one another in alternate versions of reality (hey, we mentioned it was one-half sci-fi, right?). The different iterations the two take in these funhouse mirrors of reality can be friend, lover, enemy or tax accountant (joking). The ultimate reveal is that it’s imperative for the couple to figure out just what the heck is going on with their mysterious attachment before their lives play out to a final conclusion and they’re separated forever.

 Meet Me In Another Life marks a reunion of sorts between Gadot and two of the producers on this new film, Charles Roven and Richard Suckle who all previously toiled among the hills of Hollywood in the hit film Wonder Woman. Roven and Suckle will be producing via their production house Atlas Entertainment while Gadot – alongside Jaron Varsano – does the producing honors courtesy of her production shingle Pilot Wave.

 No official drop date on the film itself, but if you don’t mind spoilers the novel officially saw release a couple of days ago to discerning book dealers all across the U.S. of A. Go pick up a copy and tell ‘em Vents sent you!

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