From Coast to Coast, How Chasing Passions Led Brad R Lambert to Hollywood

Life is too short. Why would you spend your unknown, finite amount of time, doing something you’re not passionate about?

From the Sports Industry working with the top professional athletes and franchises, to Hollywood working with the biggest stars and Studios, Brad R Lambert has been chasing his passions since he was in high school. Lambert, 32, is a Producer, Talent Manager, and International Speaker in Los Angeles, CA. So how did a guy from Pittsburgh, who went to North Carolina State University, end up here? 

Identify what makes you happy

When Brad went to North Carolina State University to study Engineering, he quickly realized it wasn’t a good fit. “After about 15 minutes in my first class, I knew this wasn’t for me,” Lambert said, “but I went there because it’s what most of my family was doing for work”. After this realization, he then went to see his counselor and made a change to a new degree, one that was a better fit for him. “I’m from Pittsburgh, so I grew up loving sports. I knew it made me happy and that I enjoyed it, so I chose to go into Sports Management” Brad explained, “that was the best decision I could have made”.   

After almost a decade in the Sports Industry, it was time for another big decision and Lambert didn’t hesitate. “I enjoyed my time in sports, but I wanted to pursue my love for entertainment and that’s what brought me out to LA. I had an opportunity to work with Robert Downey Jr. and his team; that was an opportunity I wasn’t going to pass on, so I moved 3,000 miles away from my friends and family to chase this passion”. 

Never settle

“Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.” – Will Smith

“When you settle, it’s a disservice to yourself, your worth, and to your potential. You can never allow yourself to settle in any aspect of your life – Relationships, Work, Friends…any of it. The second you accept less than you deserve, in any facet of your life, you set the standard for that moving forward” Lambert says.

In summary, never settle.

Fear of Failure

Failure is something that we will all experience in our lives, some more than most. Unfortunately, the fear of failure holds a lot of people back, preventing them from living their lives to the fullest.

Just like any other entrepreneur, Brad has experienced his fair share of failure on his journey, but he’s grateful for those experiences – “Failure is inevitable, but how you react to those setbacks is 100% on you” Lambert says.  He continues, “don’t look at “failure” as losing, look at it as a learning experience. You either “win” or you “learn”. When you shift your mindset to that, “failing” isn’t so bad…you get better either way”. 

You can follow Brad R Lambert’s journey in Hollywood here.

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