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Many a times in our lives, we are fascinated by our existence. We try to find out the answers on our own, but we fail most of the times. The reason is not the intellectual thinking, but the process of learning. We need to find out a means that provide us the basic information and create in us a thought-provoking system. The author of the book The Book That Happened has done the same. He is not a writer, but he is certain what he has to say. The trailer is available on YouTube and is worth to watch to get an idea of the extraordinary creation that Attila Pergel has made.

The book is authored by Attila Pergel. He has done a great job at creating questions in readers mind and help them think and find the answers on their own. To be exact, this is what a writer does to his audience. In just eight months, more than 2,000 copies have been sold in his native country, Hungary, which is a pretty much success. The book is being translated in many languages and is reaching the masses rapidly. It has earned a critic and has got amazing reviews from the renowned authors around the globe.

This is the book of awkward questions. It doesn’t promise easy entertainment—it provides understanding at a level that we never reached in school. Does the past, present, and future exist? What are miracles made of? Why can’t science define what time truly is? Is it that simple to understand infinity? You will find a multitude of logical deductions and thought experiments in this book. You will realize how astonishingly wonderful our reality is.

This book aims to provide an understanding of the universe. It will help you understand time and space, dimensions, infinity, and coincidence. Did the universe simply happen? By sheer chance? And the people in it? Are we just a product of coincidence? Or were we called to existence by some higher power? The answers will be provided by you—the reader. The book brings up a series of questions that spark up thoughts, inspire, provoke, and point out contradictions and paradoxes. It doesn’t try to persuade you. It doesn’t shove the author’s truth down your throat. It shows things. It reveals things. It shows that one inch is extremely far from being an exact distance measurement. It reminds you that the speed of an arrow shot from a truck, equals the truck’s and its own speed, whereas the same logic doesn’t work with a ray of light.

The book takes the scientific definitions of time, space, geometric points, and line segments – and shows you their incompetence. You’ll see how ungrounded of a scientific base we have, and yet we build our daily lives on it. Can you define the present time? What really is the present? Just think about it: you started reading this blurb half a minute ago: in the past. You will pay for the book in five minutes: in the future. Right? And now? Are you reading at home, having bought the book two hours ago? Only one thing is for sure: you are a winner if you can talk about reading The Book that Happened in the past tense. Come along now. Start the adventure with Attila Pergel and get your ticket for this fantastic journey that will send you flying from the atomic nucleus to the edge of the universe!

An interesting aspect of The Book That Happened is that it does not claim to be gospel truth. Instead, it attempts to trigger a thought process and nudges a reader towards insight and self-revelation by connecting the dots. Throughout the book Pergel provides entertaining but factual experiments some even shocking.  In a nutshell, The Book That Happened is ontology 2.0 and quanta simplified. It lays down theories, and deals with the concepts of time and space, dimensions, infinity, and chance, within the human experience.  It propagates a concept that fascinates a reader to self-stimulation.

These are the amazing experiences that you will be going through. So let’s start our journey to read The Book That Happened and find the fascinating things by ourselves.  The author Attila and the Editor Krisz Nadasi have done a heavenly thing by bringing this book to the audience. The book is going to be trend setter and bestselling very soon.

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