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Doing Hobby at Home During the Covid19 Pandemic

People have various hobbies to spend their time with. Usually hobbies are categorized as activities we enjoy doing, not for the sake of obligation or a doing a job. Some have a hobby of cooking, some have a hobby of gardening, playing cards online like in the idn poker site. There are some want to spend time reading when they are not working at office. Some like to swim, some want to run, play bicycles, play soccer and many more. Of all the types of hobbies you have, you can categorize two, namely outdoor hobbies and indoor hobbies.

Regarding football, there are also some who like to spend their time watching football. Yes, those who like to play soccer don’t necessarily like to watch soccer, there are those who prefer to play games if they are not playing soccer or can’t. On the other hand, those who don’t play soccer also enjoy watching soccer matches.

What’s interesting is that when the Covid19 pandemic hit the world, those with outdoor hobbies were directly affected. These hobbyists can no longer do their hobbies during the pandemic because of government regulations that limit their activities. It shouldn’t be because of the regulations, but because to deal with Covid19 people should stay at home. Apart from some people who still choose to do their activities outside the home, as if there is no pandemic. Most people prefer to stay at home.

How about doing his hobby!? Everyone seems to know that this pandemic has been happening for a long time, to fight the transmission of Covid19 we have to maintain health, keep immunity levels high. That is one of them by doing that hobby earlier. For those who like to exercise physically, in particular, they will feel happy to be able to do their hobby because it is their passion there. Two immediate benefits are a fit physique and a clear mind.

It is undeniable that some outdoor sports activists as a hobby cannot immediately divert their hobbies at home. For those who like bicycles, they can switch to stationary bikes, for those who like to run or jog, they can run on a treadmill. They sure need time to being able to enjoy it as much as they doing it outside. But better than nothing right!? Some also have constraints on the budget and the availability of spaces at home. Not everyone feels they have to have a treadmill, with the shadow of the pandemic that it won’t last forever, maybe in just two years!? Treadmill requires not only costs but also space. For this there is something that can be tricked by running inside the house. There are only those who have managed to overcome the absence of treadmill by running inside the house. Bored of course they say, but furthermore it is more boring not running at all.

Those who are more affected by the negative effects are those who like to play soccer. Playing ball involves a lot of things that are not according to health protocols. Playing football can’t keep your distance, and certainly can’t keep out the crowd. It takes a minimum of 10 people, playing futsal, to be able to play properly until after things are completely under control.

So how do they do or let go of feeling tired and bored!? Playing football is definitely out of options, so you have to change your hobby. Usually those with a ball hobby are not interested in buying a treadmill or a stationary bike. The Covid19 pandemic makes it harder for this type of hobbyist to give up his hobby.

Those whose hobby is watching football can still do their hobby except for the time when the popular football league was stopped entirely. These people will pursue watching football even in the leagues that are so unpopular. Yes, when the pandemic was rampant in the beginning, the major football leagues in the world were stopped. Those who like to watch football can no longer watch their favorite leagues. but they are still catching up to watch other minor league footballs. It turns out that their fun watching football is accompanied by placing soccer bets. Yes, some people have some kind of double hobby like that, a hobby, watching football while placing bets. Adrenaline flows into doing both. Not about looking for money, they say, because the amount of bets placed is also small, sometimes even very small. but the excitement that is felt when watching the ball while betting on something, happens or does not happen in a soccer match, are two examples they want to get. How do they get the spectacle and the place to place the bet!?

Several sports betting sites continue to open their businesses during the pandemic and during the lockdown. This business for some is helping them to run the days of having to be at home during the pandemic.

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