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What is an Acoustic Panel?

Acoustic panels are typically made from wood or foam. They contain sound absorbers inside the panel which help deaden any noise created by sound reflections off hard surfaces such as the floor, ceiling, walls and furniture. They can be painted any color, typically white, beveled or just plain. Typically most panels are made of wood materials and available in a variety of sizes. A popular size is the standard 30 inch by 60 inch size.

How do they Work?

Acoustic panels work by absorbing sound waves that run into them and are bounced off the walls or furniture in the room. The way it works is that sound bounces off the panel and then changes direction after having been reflected back into it for a second time of absorbed energy taking away its loudness.

Improve the acoustics at home by using wooden acoustic panels that are fitted to the measurements of your room.

The problem with bad acoustics is not just discomfort, but often reduced intelligibility for what is being said or sung. Increasing volume must be used to increase intelligibility and this can lead to a poor sound quality that irritates rather than soothes.

By isolating sound waves, timber acoustic panels function like an adjustable wall in a room. They also create a pleasant acoustic space and reduce airborne noise, such as from the vacuum cleaner or television.

Various shapes and sizes of wooden acoustic panels are available from specialist retailers, which can be applied to walls in any room.

Adjustable acoustic panel

 The most common form of the wooden acoustic panel is an adjustable piece that fits on the wall like a picture frame. It is possible to adjust the panel to fit the distance between wall studs or other structural elements of the wall construction.

Where a room has more than one window, different treatment to the two walls is advisable to avoid an unpleasant echo. One useful form of the acoustic panel is a “picture rail”, which can be hung at different heights on the wall and adjusted to provide the desired acoustic effect.

Wooden acoustic panels for walls and ceilings

Acoustic panels are also available for use on ceilings, in conjunction with the wall panels. They have square or rectangular shapes with rounded corners.

The panels are usually made of high-quality wood, veneer or chipboard with a smooth surface. The density and thickness of the material determine how effectively the sound waves are blocked.

Measure and cut

The acoustic panels are fixed to wall studs by means of panel pins that allow them to be adjusted up and down as desired. A good starting point is to position the panels so that they fit snugly against the ceiling. It is then possible to cut the panels to size, based on the actual dimensions of the wall. This creates an acoustic niche within which it is easy to place furniture in a pleasant and visually pleasing manner.

Sound-absorbing ceiling

 If sound-absorbing panels are already fitted to the ceiling, wooden acoustic panels can adhere directly on top of them.

Frequency and noise

The main difference between using different designs of wooden acoustic panels is their effect on specific frequencies.

The panels should preferably be used to reduce resonant frequencies, which is a problem that is most noticeable in rooms with thick walls.

Control the bass as well as the midrange and treble

 Another important factor is the ability to control the bass and treble frequencies of sound waves. Small wooden acoustic panels can produce a very different effect from large panels. They can absorb high-frequency sounds but render the lower frequencies too weak for use in music, for example.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your indoor acoustics is with wooden acoustic panels. If you need to reduce the reverberation time, decrease the flutter echoes in a room, reduce an ambient noise problem, or just want a softer sound from your PA system, then these panels may be what you need!

Learn more about how wood acoustic panels can help make your professional space more productive, comfortable and beautiful.

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