What are the documents to submit when you meet your accident lawyer?

Once you meet with an accident, you should consult with a car accident lawyer to compensate for your losses. However, the lawyer would ask you for the following documents.

Medical records

When you meet with an accident and get injured, you would go for medical treatment. It would be more helpful if you can get these medical details to your accident attorney for the case. Medical evidence for the injuries in your body would be the primary thing that would help you in the case as it would provide all the details about the accident and its consequences. Your accident timing will also be there. However, you need not bring your entire medical history documents for the case. Instead, you should bring that of the treatment you have gone through for the accident.

Police report

When there is an accident in a public place, the first set of people visiting the scene would be the local police department members. They would go through the happenings carefully and would collect the necessary information to file a report of the accident. This report will contain all the causes of the accident and would mention the responsible persons for the damage. If you were a victim of someone’s mistake on the road, this report would help in the case as evidence against the person who did it. So, you should consider taking the police report along with you when you go to an attorney for the accident. Sometimes, you would not have the police report. So, you should go to the local department and ask for one explaining the details of the accident.

Images and videos

Whatever that reveals the scene of the accident would be helpful in the case and the photos or videos of the event would do the best in this case. If you can use your phone or something else at the scene to capture few clicks, they would help you when you meet your attorney. It would be great if you have the timing of the capture along with the images and videos. If there is no timestamp on your evidence, the opposition could divert the case by saying something about the alteration of evidence. Apart from the scene, it is necessary to take clips of your injuries and bring them to the lawyer. The images of the damages that happened to your vehicle and property could also help.

Compensation documents

When you have faced an accident, you could not go to work for some time during your treatment. So, you may lose your income these days. However, there will not be a holiday for your expenses and you would need money to take care of your treatment and other daily needs. Since you are not earning for these days, you can ask for compensation for the loss of income and the expenditure for your injuries. However, there are some documents to be submitted that support your loss of income and expenditure for injuries.

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