INTERVIEW: Stefano Freddi

1 Hi Stefano, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?  

Hello! Thank you for the invitation, I’m great.

2 Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Five Notes Symphony The Murderer’s  Tale”? 

With pleasure!

3 Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? 

Obviously this last period was an opportune moment to start writing. First of all, we all felt the need to face the many emotions we are having to live with in this unprecedented historical period. Secondly, we have felt the need to find a reason and explanation for this period of time in order to accept it and overcome it. This is what inspired me to write this song.

4 How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

The video was made with images inspired by the art of painting and the concept of  ASMR. the selected color shades recall certain specific moods. Soon I would like to finish  a second montage in which the same images flow while I play live.   

5 The single comes off your new album (IT) CAN TURN BURIED TALES Chapter 1 – what’s  the story behind the title? 

The album is inspired by a precise assonance with the title of the novel ‘Canterbury  Tales’ and wants to warn the listener: that it could bring up tales hidden in the mind. The phonetic sounds of the words inspired me. I have identified four figures from today and yesterday who tell a story from which they  have probably learned something: 

– FIVE NOTES SYMPHONY The Murderer’s Tale 

– OLD FASHION The Barber’s Tale 

– SAND OF TIME The Worker’s Tale 

– ARTLESSNESS The Midwife’s Tale 

In my story, in the first story, the murderer becomes a murderer due to emotions and  retraces the path that led him to that extreme gesture, trying to find a reason and a  way to start over. The style is retro but interpreted in a modern way. The graphics emphasize this dualism between old and new and introduce the visual aspect that is  linked to the emotion also taken up in the making of the video.

6 How was the recording and writing process? 

The audio recording took place in a single live session and for this single the writing  was straight away. The idea of deepening a 5 note melody has always fascinated me and  this was the moment. 

7 What role does Italy play in your music? 

Italy is the country of passion and I think this is the trait that brings me closer to my  country. The passion for art, for cooking. For beautiful things it takes time and therefore  passion. 

8 What aspect of The Canterbury Tales did you get to explore on this record? 

The themes that prompted me to approach this story are the journey and the sharing of an experience, thinking about the pilgrims who reach Canterbury Cathedral. 

9 What made you want to tackle this tale? 

I was inspired by the experiences we had to deprive ourselves up to now in the last  year. In particular, the deprivation of sharing, the deprivation of relationships among the  people, the enclosure and distancing. All this made me reflect a lot and it suggested this  inner need to me. 

10 Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics? 

I found the inspirations for the songs in the records of some great modern and past  songwriters and composers that I love a lot. In particular Errol Garner, Tom Waits, Pino  Daniele, Lucio Battisti,The Rolling Stones, Jean Michel Jarre and of course from classical  music W. A. Mozart above all. 

11 What else is happening next in Stefano Freddi’s world? 

A new awareness of wanting to deepen some themes never fully explored has  emerged in Stefano Freddi’s world. A need, an inner search to find the right push that  allows us to face the new changes that await us. This period of reflection has inspired me towards an inner search to find a push forward. The world today seems to have changed and I am looking for a certainty that will give me the possibility of finding a new impulse to believe in the future. Maybe soon I will record (IT) CAN TURN  BURIED TALES Chapter II.  

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