How to View and Download Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Instagram is growing in rapid popularity among social network users nowadays. It allows users to post random videos or photos on their profiles. Although these stories disappear from their profiles within 24 hours after posting. Instagram story viewer allows a user to view the people that have checked their stories. The Instagram story viewer feature also provides its users to let them know about their profile visitors from that time frame. But you can still check other’s Instagram stories without even their knowledge and leaving no trace. The advantage of this is it lets you remain unknown when you see their Instagram stories

Thinking Before

Getting to know the idea of people checking into others’ Instagram stories is not so difficult sometimes. Most of the time, people see other Instagram stores to find marketing strategies and to carry out market research for their brand. They would want to keep their names secret without letting the users reveal their identity.

The main aim of checking others’ Instagram stories is to find the correct marketing ideas, along with improving their number of followers. Yet, you can increase the number of followers for your Instagram profile. For this purpose, you should enter your username and increase your followers. Not a bad idea for a new Instagram user, though.

Ways to Keep your Name Anonymous

Airplane Mode – This is the easiest way to check other’s stories while keeping your name unknown to the user. The airplane mode is available in every smartphone, regardless of whether you are an iPhone or Android phone user. An airplane mode is a default feature in every smartphone. Though, the process is easy and simple. You need to open and then login into your Instagram accounts on your smartphone.

Then you need to wait for a few minutes while all the Instagram stories load onto your smartphone. Then swipe your finger to pull up the notifications feature on your phone. Simply turn on the airplane mode, and then open up your Instagram app once again for viewing the stories.

Since you have switched on the Airplane mode, it will allow all the Instagram stories to download on your phone. This feature enables you to check other user’s stories without even revealing your name to the user. This is because when you are in airplane mode, Instagram never counts your view. But for more additional privacy, you need to close your Instagram app when you have viewed other user stories. You also need to close the app in the background, since it can reveal your name to the user while the app is running in the background.

Web Browser Extension

Web browser extensions help you to check other’s Instagram stories without revealing your identity to them. These extensions don’t even need an account for viewing Instagram stories. You only need to install it in your Google Chrome browser, and then it allows you to view Instagram stories. But it keeps your name anonymous.

An alternative browser named Firefox browser lets you check other users’ Instagram stories. It also offers you to see the stories without logging in and the most interesting thing is it keeps your name hidden. Moreover, it will notify the user as unseen, even when you have viewed their Instagram stories. You can also use the Instagram website for viewing their stories later on.


Thinking of viewing someone’s Instagram story and trying to keep your identity secret? This means that you have a good reason to sneak peek into someone’s privacy. But going through the keeps you in the safe zone. Storiesig not only allows you to see their Instagram stories but also offers you to download the Instagram stories. Moreover, you would be able to save them.

Storiesig also provides you to view along with using the downloading facility through this tool. You can see and download any Instagram story through this amazing tool. It also provides you with all the stories of a particular user with ease. You also do not need any coding skill or installation for its use.

Using storiesig keeps your name hidden and unknown to the user. Below is a guide for seeing Instagram stories using

  • Click on your Google Chrome browser, and open the Storiesig website.
  • Type the username in the given search box below.
  • Click on the desired user profile to view their Instagram stories.
  • You can even download the photo from an active Instagram story.
  • You can also select the highlights in case you don’t want to download the story.
  • Scroll down on your favorite Instagram story you wish to download.
  • At last, click on the link that you want to save on the computer.

Using Instadp.Org is another popular online tool that helps you to view other user’s Instagram stories while keeping your name anonymous to the user. This tool does not require you to login into your Instagram account. It offers you to view stories without revealing your name to the user. You can even download Instagram stories, such as videos or photos.

To use this tool, enter the username that is provided below the search box. You can see the stories that the user publishes within the last 24 hours. This amazing online tool enables you to view other user’s Instagram stories easily. Moreover, it also allows you to download the Instagram stories in full-size without counting your view.

Though using online tool has some restrictions. The first restriction that is frustrating is that it never allows you to view the photos in a larger size. Further, the number of users is also increasing day-by-day who wish to use third-party apps or websites for viewing Instagram stories in full size.


This process explains how you can see Instagram stories anonymously. These online tools never reveal your name to the user if you have checked their Instagram stories within 24 hours. Moreover, if you use these online tools, the count of views also never changes, irrespective of the number of times you have checked Instagram stories secretly.

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