Exotique Men Makes Comeback Post-Pandemic

The popular male revue show, Exotique Men Male Strippers NYC, is planning on making its comeback post-pandemic. With all of the shutdowns in New York City, many male revue shows were forced to close. As a result, there has been a lack of entertainment for bachelorette parties and birthday parties in New York City as the city slowly makes its way out of the pandemic.

While vaccines continue to roll out, Governor Cuomo has begun to reopen restaurant and bars at limited capacity. Broadway shows, however, are last on the list for things to reopen. As a result, many entertainment venues in New York City continue to remain closed.

Exotique Men, a popular male revue show in NYC, was among those forced to close its doors. “It has been an unfortunate event for us,” a spokesperson said. “However we are doing the best we can to get things back to normal once we get the greenlight from government officials.”

Once the pandemic is over and things get back to normal, Exotique Men plans to reopen its doors and to continue to perform its popular male strip show in New York City. Management states that there has been an increase in demand for male revue entertainment but there is not much that can be done due to the coronavirus shutdowns. “All we can do is follow the law,” management told us and they continue to monitor the progress of reopenings in New York City. “We want everybody to be safe but at the same time we’re hoping things can get back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Exotique Men continues to entertain its clients through its online portal with virtual lap dances and virtual bachelorette parties. While it remains unknown when things will fully get back to normal, the company has high hopes that there will be a surge in demand once the pandemic is over. “People have postponed their bachelorette parties and weddings because of Covid,” a spokesperson from the company stated. “We believe that once everything is over, they will reimplement their plans and we will see many bachelorette parties and weddings pop up.”

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