Tips on Creating Unique and Interesting Music

Somewhere between big corporations and music labels, artists find themselves being reduced to mass-produced artists. Mass-produced artists do not retain their style and influence over their music anymore. They’re just dishing out songs, and eventually, people get tired of that. 

Not only that, but the artists themselves lose their individuality. You have an urge to create music of the same calibre in terms of numbers, but something unique and exciting. However, you’re probably racking your brain trying to come up with something true to your brand or yourself.

It doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. Especially not with these tips.

Go Back To Your Inspirations

This might sound counterintuitive to many people. Why would you have to have inspiration if you’re trying to be unique? The fact is that the music you adored from an artist or a group growing up is what got you into making music. 

Go back to the time you would sit in your room and listen to music when you were younger. Think back to the artists whose voices and tunes mesmerized you. Try to channel your love for music from that time. 

This isn’t to say that your style of music genre has to be the same as theirs. That would be a cover artist. You’re looking towards creating your brand. However, many musical legends have cited their inspirations and yet have vastly different musical styles.

The point is, you need to set a precedent for yourself. You want to sound as good as your inspiration, sell as many (if not more) albums as them, and make people adore your music just as much. 

Create Music Whenever and Wherever

If you’ve dedicated a particular time of day or a specific day of the week to sit down and focus solely on creating music, that’s great. However, that’s like wiring your brain to focus on music for that instant and not elsewhere. 

Try creating music wherever you can. Inspiration doesn’t come to you precisely when you force it to—quite the opposite. You could hear an exciting jingle on the bus, think of a great lyric in the shower, or find a tune you like when it’s windy out.

The gist of it all is that you do not have to restrict yourself to creating music. Just do it whenever you want to, no matter wherever you are.

Use Instruments Creatively

A violin is often associated with music at the opera or in a symphony. Not exactly something you’d find in beatboxing. This, nevertheless, shouldn’t be a limitation of the instrument, but the person using it.

Try to use instruments creatively. Having your unique sound means finding music that works for you. You could use any device and vary its pitch up and down to meet your requirements. 


In conclusion, creating unique and creative music isn’t as complicated as people make it out to be. The fact is that people tend to box themselves up. Creative music comes from staying true to yourself with no limitations. It comes from finding the right sound having the right audio to back it up, such as unison audio.

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