Is It Hard For Native English Speakers To Learn French?

Depending on what you’ve been told, the idea of learning another language may seem daunting or achievable to you. While we firmly shut down any myths that suggest that learning a second language is impossible as an adult, we understand that some languages may be easier to learn than others. This article determines if French is, indeed, a complex language to learn, particularly for native English speakers.

Language Similarities Galore

Although learning how to perfect your French pronunciation and grammar may be challenging, learning some of the general constructs of the European language will be much more straightforward than you think. There are many similarities between English and French, particularly regarding common vocabulary words. For example, yoga is translated to le yoga, radio is translated as la radio, and sandwich is translated to le sandwich. You could have put that together on your own, couldn’t you!

Practice and Online French Teachers on Preply

Like anything else, the more time you devote to your French, the better you will become at it. Age is not a factor, but the level of commitment and quality of instruction you put into your learning determines how successful you will become at speaking French. We recommend using online French teachers on Preply as they use native speakers. Learning from an authentic speaker is the best way to guarantee optimal learning. See more to find the perfect online French teachers for you on Preply.

Vowels Make things Difficult

English and Spanish both use a small number of vowels. French, however, has many different vowels that take time to work with in terms of pronunciation. The way you are used to hearing and comprehending vowels that the languages share is also different. French pronunciations of shared vowels are different from English pronunciation. For instance, the word ‘qu’il’ sounds like “kee” as opposed to ‘quil’ like “quilt” in English. It will take some time to adjust to these changes.

Gender and the French Language

Like Spanish, French uses gender to describe. Every word has a gender referring to the noun described. To say a house is beautiful, you would say La belle Maison; ‘belle’ is feminine, correlating with beautiful. It will take some adjusting, but most of the French gender-noun constructs flow according to what you would assume based on traditional gender expectations. Words like tough (masculine) and soft (feminine), or pretty versus handsome, are words that use female and male descriptions. Unfortunately, language is old and does not always reflect nonbinary terms.

Is it hard for native English speakers to learn French? Considering that there are vocabulary similarities between the languages, we argue that French is not difficult to learn for English speakers. The shared nature between certain words will give English speakers some footing, suggesting that their practice will ultimately determine their success. Difficulty in learning is often the result of the level of commitment one puts into place. Decide that learning French will be easy for you and put in the time it takes to get there.

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