How Effective Is React Native Development in 2021

When organizations are planning for new product builds, technology selection is a very important aspect to consider. In developing a successful app based product, the question about choosing between a cross-platform and a native solution always arises. The cross-platform development with React Native (RN) seems to be very beneficial as compared to its drawbacks. And you need a well versed web development company to help you out.

After Flutter and PWA, React Native was supposed to be a revolution in cross-platform app development that brings great mobile experience. With React Native, it gets easy to “Learn once, write anywhere” and that’s why it seems very effective. Moreover, for both iOS and Android, it provides you a native look and feel of your app where you can also include platform-specific modules.

The following points specify how effective React Native development in 2021 is; 

  1. It takes a shorter development time and hence faster to build: Actually, this is the major selling point of React Native. The numerous ready-to-apply components provided by the framework accelerate the process.

    Even if the React Native (RN) still doesn’t have some solutions which are required to build from scratch, its JavaScript base will give you access to the largest package ecosystem in the world. With this access to a broad base of packages, you can save much time as well as make it better. Moreover, with the growing RN community and Facebook’s regular updates, ready components for most of the solutions will be there soon.

When you develop an app for more than one platform, significant savings can be surely achieved. RN allows you to share a big part of the codebase between operating systems within a few hours that helps to save time and money.

  1. RN works with one framework for multiple platforms: Reuse of codebase or just a part of it between iOS and Android is possible with RN. And depending on the number of native modules used in your application, you can achieve full cross-platform development to some extent.

    You can have few features from npm packages while others need to be written from scratch. You get active support from the RN community who adds new tools to its open source.

    With JavaScript development, you can also share the codebase not only between mobile platforms but also React web applications where tools like React Native Web are helpful. Hence, the same developers can work on both web and mobile applications due to similarities in technologies.

    Though the stability of such solutions could be a concern for some, the possibility of sharing non-UI dependent code still shows reasonable benefits. Along with shortening the development time, it may perk up the consistency of your app’s business logic between all supported platforms.

  2. Fast refresh that helps build new features quickly: The React Native team carefully listens to the community’s voice. When the Hot Reload feature was broken, most developers turned it off by assuming it unreliable where the RN team developed the response to the issue as Fast Refresh. The tool was released at the end of 2019 and fixes all the issues related to Hot Reloading while providing a great developer experience. It results in the fast building of new features and bug fixing.

  3. Get the job done even with the smaller teams: Native development requires two separate teams for Android and iOS that slowdowns the development and leads to inconsistency in both the projects. So, the differences in the app’s implemented features, behavior, and appearance take place.

    On the other hand, with React Native, you need only a JavaScript developer, who can write the code for both platforms. However, if the app includes more native features, more help from native developers is required. So, only the small-sized teams will execute the whole job, and managing it gets easy.

  4. It creates fast applications: When a comparison is done between the two versions of a simple application that are written in React Native and Swift, it was observed that both apps delivered almost similar performance results. For little complex applications, the framework might be less efficient but the code can be transferred to a native module without any issue. React Native helps your team quickly launch any mobile app.

  5. Simplified UI that results in better user experience: Many timesbusiness owners are doubtful that the cross-platform app development will hamper the UI/UX of their app. However, React Native helps designing an intuitive UI & UX with a great performance.

    React Native is firmly based on creating a mobile UI whereas native development demands creating a sequence of actions in the application. With declarative programming, such an order of implementing actions is obsolete in RN. So,

detecting bugs on the paths a user can take has become quite easier.

  1. Large developer community contributing more knowledge: Being an open-source JavaScript platform, developers can share their knowledge with the framework’s development, so that everyone can freely access it. If a developer comes across any issue, they can approach the community for support. There are more than 50,000 active contributors to the React Native tag on Stack Overflow. Such community support not only helps to resolve the issues but also has a positive impact on improving coding skills.

Final Words:

React Native is of course a great to adopt as a mobile app development framework by startups, scaling businesses, and large-scale enterprises. Even for the post-development maintenance & upgradability, RN offers a range of other options including official framework launches. Just make sure to hire dedicated React developers.

So, React Native is surely a safe bet for a mobile app for your business in 2021. If you are planning the development of a mobile app for your business, then go for the best web development company.

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