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Difference between a mini projector and a regular projector

If you want to invest your money for any visualization tools then projector is the best choice for you. Nowadays, projectors are being used everywhere like school, offices and as a part of home theater. So according to customers need, the manufacturers are innovating so many feature models. They are producing large models to miniature models having the best usability. Additionally if you are a travel lover you may find some pico projectors into the market. And all the needed models are available into the market.

You just have to find out your needed specification and a most suitable model to buy. Today we would discuss difference between a mini projector and a regular projector so that you may easily find out your need. Let’s have a view to the discussion.

Mini projectors

Mini projectors are the modern invention. They will give you the best taste of portability. The mini projector’s models are getting popular day by day as they are easy to carry everywhere. Additionally, the mini projectors sometimes are called pico projectors. They are small in size and 

also called as pocket projectors.

Mini projectors are supplied with a small internal power source or battery to make urgent projection and also have storage to save files.

They are the most portable because they do not need any wire connection usually and can make the projection immediately after powering on. They are made of plug and play feature. Just carry the projector to your destination and find out a suitable place. Thus you are done with the projection preparation procedure. 

Best suitability of mini projectors

The main common features are mentioned below:

  • Small in size and easy to carry
  • Internal power source/ Battery
  • Easy projection
  • Auto adjustment
  • Quick projection
  • Wireless connection
  • Less power consumption
  • Can be used for any purpose
  • Budget friendly
  • No heating stage and cooling down stage.

Regular projectors 

Regular projectors are the mostly used projectors into the market. They are so popular from the very beginning. The main reason behind their popularity is quality. Regular projectors are able to produce strong and sharp images. They are larger in size and not suitable to carry anywhere.

Regular projectors are the best choice for the long run. As their build quality is very high. There are two types of regular projectors are into the market. They are-

  • Ceiling mounted projector
  • Table mounted projector

The main negativity of regular projectors is the portability. They are not portable enough.

Their price might vary according to the different models and manufacturers. But most of the regular projectors are between the 100$ to 2000$ price range.

You may wonder thinking that why the price is so high! It is high because a regular projector has capability of producing a strong image. Its lamp has longer life and ability to produce high lumen.

The brightness and contrast is adjustable according to the circumstances.

Best suitability of regular projectors 

  • High resolution
  • Larger image 
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • High brightness
  • Longer life
  • Strong and sharp image
  • Lumen is higher than mini projectors
  • Safe connection
  • Standard for offices and school purpose.
  • Most reliable for home theater as some of them can produce HD image

Your Choice making Criteria

If you want to buy a projector then you should find out its need and your requirement purposes. If you want to setup a home theater then you should go for some specific models and if you wanna have school purpose then you should go for some other specific models.

Firstly make sure what kind of image do you need! Is it enough to have 480p image or you need more? Most of the mini projectors are supplied with 480p resolution at average price. If you want to spend more than you may take any HD ones.

If you are a travel lover or party lover then the mini projectors or the pico projectors would be the best choice for you. And therefore the regular projectors are most suitable for academic use as they usually do not require any movement. 

Major differences between mini and regular projectors

  • Mini projectors usually aren’t capable of producing larger image. But they are able to produce an optimum image. 
  • Regular projectors are capable of producing larger images.
  • Mini projectors are manufactured with 480p, 720p, 1080p resolution.
  • Regular ones have 720p, 1080p, 4k resolution
  • Mini projectors are cheaper than the regular ones.
  • Regular projectors needs a high power consumption.
  • Mini projectors have wireless connections but most of the regular projectors need wired connection.
  • Regular projectors has heating phase so they also need cooling down phase.
  • Regular ones have longer life.
  • Mini projectors are mostly portable and playable.
  • Mini projectors are made for quicker projection.

Minor differences between mini and regular projectors

  • Mini projectors are made of a better sound quality.
  • Mini projectors doesn’t require manual adjustment of images.
  • Regular projectors has so many image features so they need adjustment.
  • Mini projectors have larger storage than the regular ones.

Beginner’s Guide

If you are a beginner buyer and wanna buy a new projector! But everything is like to be massy! And making you confused! Don’t Worry. In the summery, thebest pico projectorsare the most portable and able to produce images good enough. But if you are a feature and High resolution image lover then this model is not for you. 

To have longer life and better image without portability then the regular ones would be the best choice. They are of medium to high budget but will give you real taste. If you wanna carry your projector with you and wanna make a quick projection then the pico ones’ would be the best choice. They are suitable for any purpose but they are not the best performers yet.

Final Words

In today’s era, we love to see and hear everything. So our educational system and entertainment medium has been changed. All the things are related with visualization. So except some specific purpose we would love to carry a tool with us to have a quick visualization. And then the mini projectors or the pico projectors would be the great choice. They are very quick to process and easy to project. That’s why the world is running towards handy tools and gestures. Hope you have understand all the basic differences between the mini and regular projectors. And you can identify your needed one very easily.

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