10 Deep Questions to Ask A Girl About Relationships

When on a date, bored out of your mind at home or simply trying to get to know your partner better, there are some deep questions to ask about love that you can shoot your girlfriend’s way.

It could be an intense rapid fire round on a first date just to really dig deeper or ask deep relationship questions to your girlfriend to understand where she stands in those matters. The foundation of every relationship, even friendships for that matters, stands on a wholesome understanding of the other person.

Not everyone is an open book and not every girl will simply blurt out her innermost feelings to share with you. That’s why there are deep questions to ask a girl to strike up a meaningful conversation and understand her in ways that she would not reveal on regular days.

Deep Questions To Ask A Girl

There are many questions to ask a girl and pick her brain with. Philosophical stances, deep questions to ask about love, her view of the world and other deep relationship questions that determine her personality, can all help you discover a completely new side to her. Here are a few that you can try today.

1. Do you really believe in marriage?

Marriage is a topic that is growing to be no man’s land. Most millennials are now questioning the stability and validity of the same and whether we need it at all. Ask a girl this question to really know her take on the same. Does she believe in soulmates or monogamy or is she too focused on other things to worry about it at all?

2. What helps you sleep at night?

This is one of the perfect deep questions to ask a girl to really find out what keeps her grounded to the world. This is a twisted way of asking a girl what truly makes her happy and what are the few things that she cherishes most in her life.

3. Are you an internal or external?

Internals are people who think their intuitive capacity and self awareness is responsible for their success and happiness. Externals are those who rely on fate and destiny as a guiding factor. Does she take charge of her own day and life or does she leave it to the universe and pray for the best? 

4. What are your thoughts on cheating and infidelity?

Now we are really diving into deep relationship questions to ask a girl. Find out whether she thinks love is a promise and commitment to others or is it a choice to be happy. Either way, don’t bash her if you disagree.

5. What do you want to change about yourself?

One of the deep questions to ask a girl, this one will really tell you where she is on the growth scale in her life. The way she responds and the things she says are a reflection of how she feels about herself and her growth as an individual.

6. Who do you think is more invested in this relationship?

While this may seem like an uncomfortable question to pop, it is actually pretty normal to have this discussion. One person in a relationship always catches more feelings than the other and this is tacitly understood. Better to just be open about the truth!

7. Do you think you can live without love or a partner?

One of the more deep questions to ask about love, this one will really dial up the intensity of your conversation. Find out how dependent she is on love and those around her. Know that there is no right or wrong answer to this one. Is she afraid of loneliness or has she mastered independence?

8. What have your past heartbreaks taught you the most?

Humans really are an amalgam of the experiences and life lessons that they have encountered. Tap into her past to find out her most important takeaways from her rough days. Has she grown and learned a new perspective or is she still harboring apprehensions?

9. Name 3 things you see in your future for a happy life.

This might seem like a simple question but is actually cloaked as one of the deep relationship questions to see if she mentions you or not. This is a simple and direct way of finding out whether she considers you an important puzzle piece in her ideal future.

10. What are the qualities that you find most attractive in others?

Ask this question to really understand what she seeks in people. Is it their positivity and charm or their zealous drive? Is it their kindness to those around or is it their easy going attitude? What we admire about others is often a reflection of the things and people we value.

So there we go. We have given you 10 deep questions to ask a girl that can help you get to know her better. Remember, that she is opening up her heart to you so even if you disagree, try not to fight her about it. You can ask them at any time or any day to really know what she is made of and what is really running through her head as she goes about her life.

Liam James
Author: Liam James

Liam James a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google news approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

About Liam James

Liam James a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google news approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

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