Top Live Cricket Streaming Apps of 2020

In India, cricket is not just a sport, it is considered a religion. A game, especially when team India is playing, all the sports lovers just stick to your television sets, radio, and cellphones for the live updates. If you are from the millennial generation, you must have witnessed the joy of people queuing outside the television shops to watch the match. This is the kind of passion the nation has for cricket.

Today, the love is still intact for the game, but the mediums to watch live updates have just changed. No one bothers to only stick to the television or radio to watch their favorite player playing. This is the digital generation and everyone has their smartphones to witness live updates and live cricket.

This write-up will underpin the top 10 hot favorite live cricket streaming apps. So if you are a cricket lover and like to update yourself with every live update, these apps are a must-have for your smartphone

1.  Cricbuzz

The most searched platform for the live updates with the live commentary by the experts. It was founded by the 3 tech enthusiastic cricket lovers, Cricbuzz is among the first Indian apps for live cricket streaming. Due to its high popularity, another live streaming cricket app, GoCricket was merged in 2015.

Apart from accessing live scores and commentary of all the cricket events across the globe. You can the expert’s views on the match, post-match analysis, and respective rankings of teams and individual players.

The app is available on the leading platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows

2.  ESPN Cricinfo

When it comes to broadcast sports tournaments, ESPN is the leading name across the globe.

Apart from Cricket, ESPN broadcasts multiple sports live across many of its channels. ESPN has its broadcasting channel with a customized app for live updates of sports.

Formally owned by Wisdom, the famous magazine is known for its yearly rating of teams and individual players. So we can say ESPN has been carrying the legacy of cricket since its inception.

It has an amazing feature that uses live scores from a match to generate a 3D simulation of all actions. All sports lovers can read detailed analyses, blogs, news on the platform.

It is available on the two leading platforms, one can download it from there

3.   NDTV Cricket

Whether it is general news on national or international affairs or the live cricket updates, NDTV has covered it all for you. It is a live cricket app that provides the latest scores, expert feedback, predictions, detailed post-match analysis, profiles of individual players and teams.

And most amazingly, a panel discussion before and after the match is the USP of the match. And you stay updated with live scores while working with the other stuff.

It is available on the two leading platforms, Android and iOS

4.  Yahoo Cricket

We all remember the days of Yahoo when Google was not in existence. Every internet user had to search on the Yahoo Search box to get anything. Now, Google has everywhere to get answers for search queries. But Yahoo Cricket app is still in the competition even after the main website has been forgotten by the users.

It also features match analysis, experts’ views on teams, and individual performances.

It is available on the two leading platforms, Android and iOS

5.  Cricket Live Line

The app has become one of the most live cricket streaming apps available on Android and iOS. Get all the live statistics like expert commentary, news, past records of teams and individual players and their respective rankings.

Through the app, cricket lovers can get ball-by-ball voice commentary during live matches. It delivers a perfect combination of the latest and old-school cricket fun for global audiences.

6.  Hotstar

Hotstar needs no introduction as it has become one of the favorite apps for live streaming cricket. Owned by the StarTV network, it is available on both the leading platforms, Android and iOS. Apart from streaming all the cricketing events across the globe, it also features exciting shows, web series, and devotional shows.

A perfect app to land on for those who like a television-like experience on their mobile screen.

A Road to the conclusion

If you have any of these apps on your mobile phones, you can have an impeccable live cricket experience anywhere. Especially for Indians who claim that they bleed blue, these apps must be on their phones.

As an organization, if you are looking to have an app like this, look for our android app development services for a scalable and fast experience.

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