Steps to shave hair your bottom parts

# 1 Before you act, consider which parts of your body you want to shave or trim:

Before you begin, make sure you know exactly where you want to remove hair from your genitals. The pubic area can be divided into the ass, groin, penis, and scrotum (each with its own characteristics). You can shave the entire thing, just reduce the length of the hair, or even give the hair a specific shape once you are clear about the region to be shaved or trimmed (because it is not always necessary to shave to the scratch), but make that choice before acting and turning the bathroom upside down.

# 2 Get your work tools ready:

Once you’ve decided where you want to shave or trim genital hair, it’s time to get the tools you’ll need. Although there are several options, our advice is to choose the one that most interests you and get the best tool possible to make the job easier. Check here for the top 10 highly rated best trimmer for balls.

# 3 Prepare the site by getting a nice, well-lit area:

A bathtub is the best place to use a razor, razor blade, or scissors because you can easily normalize your body, back, and hands against the bathtub’s surface. To soften hair and skin, soak the area in hot water before shaving to prevent any slippage.

Furthermore, being in the bathtub allows you to quickly and easily rinse the razor in the same water as the bathtub, wash and hydrate the area with your favorite shower gel, and clean everything in a couple of seconds (enough with emptying the bathtub).


# 4 Taking a hot shower is a must:

Your skin must be clean and smooth before shaving. Take a hot shower and allow the warm water to soften your hair. Although you can skip this step, we suggest it because the variance is important and there is a good chance you will not get any cuts. If you don’t, your skin will be smoother, increasing the probability of “accidents.”

# 5 Trim the “clump” of hair as much as possible:

Once you’ve got everything ready, one of the first things you should do is trim the pubic hair in the area you’ll be shaving. It can be done with scissors or an electric trimmer designed for shaping beards and sideburns.  Whether you have a mat of hair or not, this step is critical to achieving a better result and avoiding “pulls.” For best trimmer review visit Trimmer Web.

Many men use an exfoliate to soften the hair and make it more tame before proceeding with this step (except in the scrotum and penis area to avoid irritation). We don’t recommend it because you won’t notice a difference and it’s a cost that many people can’t afford every time they shave their legs.

# 6 In the genital area, apply shaving cream or gel:

Once the forest has been cleaned up, it’s time to use your electric or manual trimmer. Although we previously advised against using an exfoliator because it is barely noticeable, we now advise you to use an assistant in the form of shaving cream. The goal is to keep your skin slippery so that “silly” cuts and wounds don’t occur. Simply shave the genital area, whether it’s the ass, penis, groin, or testicles, with a light layer of shaving cream.

# 7 With your index and thumb, stretch the area’s skin:

Stretch the area of skin where the pubic hair you want to remove is with your free hand with your index and thumb to make it neater. When using an electric razor or a razor blade, this step prevents the skin from wrinkling, allowing you to avoid cuts in the ass and scrotum that, while not particularly scandalous, can be annoying.

# 8 Apply moisturizer after thoroughly cleaning and drying the area:

This is the final step! Apply a generous amount of oil or moisturizer to the shaved or trimmed area to prevent itching, and say hello to your new genitals! You don’t want to shave your genitals and put them in your boxer shorts without first moistening the area with a hand of cream to prevent the skin from drying out.

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