Ranking The Top 5 Bitcoin Exchanges

Everything is being digitalized in the modern era. Technology is an integral component of our lives. The advancement in technology over the past years has led to the digitalization of the currency as well. By digitalized currency is meant bitcoin/cryptocurrency. This virtual currency has taken over the world in a few years. The benefits it holds are undeniable. Over time, a huge population has developed trust over virtual currency and it has proved to be a perfect package of profitable investment. The money you will invest today in Bitcoin will be multiplied after few years.

             Also, the fact that no third parties are involved in the transactions made through bitcoin has increased its worth. Bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous. The banks and the government of your country have no access to your virtual currency transactions and dealings. All these facts about bitcoin have led to its huge success but the question here is that how you can buy this digital currency. This is done through bitcoin exchangers. Bitcoin exchanges work as a platform to buy/sell your bitcoin. Finding trustworthy bitcoin exchangers can give you a tough time but this article will answer all of your queries.

PayPal Is A Trustworthy Medium

PayPal is one of the best mediums for bitcoin exchanges. It is a trustworthy medium used by millions of people all over the world. PayPal has connected people from different parts of the world. No matter from which part of the world you want to receive money or you want to send money to any part of the world, PayPal has made it a one-second process. That is why PayPal is considered to be a pre-eminent medium for bitcoin exchanges as well. To ease its users, PayPal is in accord with various bitcoin exchanges to buy bitcoin. It doesn’t mean that it will be a long and complicated process. It is a prompt process without any kind of delays or complications. There are various ways to buy bitcoin with PayPal as it is in accord with more than one bitcoin exchange company. Users can choose what suits them best and is according to their requirements. Users’ convenience is the priority of PayPal which justifies why it is one of the best options to avail as a medium to buy/sell bitcoin. Stated below is the ranking of the top 5 bitcoin exchanges which are trustworthy, are in accord with PayPal, and can make the complex process of bitcoin dealings effortless.

Ranking Of Bitcoin exchanges

Etoro is considered to be the foremost company to buy/sell bitcoin. It is a trading platform. It is a very vast platform as it deals with all kinds of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin. It means it has all the possible options of virtual currency collected on one platform. This is what makes it foremost. Etoro users do not have to search for any other platform for cryptocurrency. Etoro is not limited to few countries. This company allows bitcoin exchanges worldwide. It doesn’t have any additional fees for its users as well. It is affiliated with PayPal which means it is a complete package if you want to sell or buy bitcoin.

LocalBitcoins is in the second rank. It is also accessible worldwide and doesn’t have any additional fees for its users. It involves the direct association of the buyer and the seller. This platform has to associate the sellers and the buyers. The rest of the dealings are done by the sellers and the buyers on their own without any involvement of the company. Wirex is in the third rank. This company also doesn’t have any additional or hidden fees for its users. The virtual currency of different types is available on this platform. Worldwide transactions can be made via this company. The only drawback that this company has is the deduction of few charges at each transaction you make which may be not suitable for many of the users.

On the fourth rank, we have Paxful. Paxful is a platform that also links a seller directly with a buyer which means that the seller and buyer can have direct dealings with each other. This builds a trustworthy relationship of users with Paxful as it allows direct dealings which means no third-party interference. Few drawbacks that it has been that not all the sellers accept PayPal but the majority do, it is not accessible all over the world but its availability is excluded in a few countries only and some charges are to be paid by the sellers.

On the fifth rank, we have XCOINS. Through this platform, you can buy virtual currency from a dealer. This platform involves dealers in its bitcoin dealings. All the dealings are done in a single transaction which makes it an instant process for the dealer, the buyer, and the seller. XCOINS works on the principle of peer-to-peer lending as the transactions involve a dealer. It is accessible in several countries only which doesn’t count it in a vast platform. Users who make their bitcoin transactions via XCOINS have to pay some fees as well.

Bitcoin Exchanges Have Become An Integral Component

To conclude, it can be stated that bitcoin exchanges have become an integral component in the world of digital currency. They have made the process of buying/selling digital currency instant and easier for people all over the world. Through these platforms, you can connect an instant and trouble-free process. They connect you with people from all over the world. The surge in the worth of digital currency over the years has lead to the development of a lot of bitcoin exchanges. People have many options now. They can choose the platform which fulfills their requirements and is trustworthy for them. It is an era of technology and with time, the worth of digital currency will increase to an exponential level. That is why bitcoin exchanges are essential because they save you from any kind of scams and provide you with better options to invest in digital currency and make the whole process a lot more easier.

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About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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