Acting, Producing, Writing, Taya Miller Does it All

The media and entertainment fields are heavily male-dominated in influence at the top. However, for this six-figure actress, model, and cosplayer, Taya Miller, the story is different. She wears many hats and has built a tremendous brand on social media, eclipsing four million followers and over 100 million likes. Additionally, Taya is currently acting, producing content, writing a book, and collaborating with brands. Her content revolves around Pop Culture, covering Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars, and more. But how does this phenomenal icon manage to do all this stuff?

Facing Challenges Head-on

The success journey always comes with many challenges. Some of the difficulties that Taya faced included stress and time management. She has never been signed onto an agency — she has done her work herself, along with a helping hand from her part-time manager, part-time friend, Brad R Lambert. Daily, she works towards creating content for her 7 platforms, meets with various studios and charities, handles her emails and calls, takes classes, progresses her book, handles all aspects of her company, and updates her socials with fun, light-hearted posts in the process. Because of this schedule, she has had to relearn that she is more than just her company. Learning to balance her work and personal life has been a challenge, but doing so has been one of her greatest accomplishments yet.

Sometimes and those times are many, she was faced with fear of others’ opinions. However, to overcome what people thought of her, Taya had to grow and become comfortable with who she was and what her goals in this lifetime were. When she started seeing her impact on others, she learned too. Taya had to face her fears for her to scale and thrive. 

Ability To Connect

Taya’s ability to connect is what ‘sparks’ her to continue growing and sets her apart from the others in the industry. Taya was quiet and observational for most of her high school years. However, Taya did a lot of writing, learning, and growing. She made a self-discovery that her passion was to make others happy. She wanted people to remember how she made them feel, and she wanted to be a positive impact in the world. Putting that into the scope of social media, she wants each of her followers to know that they are significant, valid, and loved. These virtues made her connect more to a larger audience. 


Taya Miller never gets intimidated. She is very confident in her differences and who she is. Taya knows what she brings to the table and what makes her different from everyone else. Her uniqueness is the exact reason why she is a powerful force in the industry. Through self-motivation, Taya gets her vision, overcomes little indecisiveness, overcomes negative influences, becomes more positive, and gets the strength to take on challenges. 

Maintaining Successful Habits

Pushing yourself to your limit every day is not sustainable. Besides, it is not an enjoyable life. That is why Taya Miller creates a sustainable schedule. She also believes in her ability to follow the schedule that she creates. Taya sets her mindset right, and guess what? Every time she is soaring the heights of success.

When Taya feels she is in distress due to one thing or another, she figures out what is bothering her and walks through it. She asks herself: “What is the worst possible outcome, and is it something that can be controlled?” If it can be, she figures out the steps to fix it. If it can’t be controlled, she rids her mind of that worry for the time being. Taya understands that she decides to what extent something affects her thoughts — why worry about something that she can’t control?

Do you want to succeed in your field? You can follow Taya Miller’s footsteps, face your challenges head-on, have the ability to connect, be self-motivated and maintain successful habits. 

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