What To Binge This Weekend: ‘Jeopardy!’

A lot of binge watches are passive. You are putting something on TV to wash over you. What about a binge watch that is active? How is that possible? By bingeing Jeopardy! on Netflix, of course. Yes, my recommendation for this week is to delve into watching Jeopardy! and gaining a little knowledge this weekend, or at least giving your brain a workout.

I’m a big Jeopardy! fan, and I still watch the new episodes. However, on Netflix you can get some throwback quiz show fun. This does include Alex Trebek still hosting. Now, maybe that makes you feel weird. Perhaps it’s too soon for you. I am able to enjoy seeing him seemingly healthy and doing his thing. The episodes chosen are curated to a degree, and seem to involve long runs from notable winners. That means if you care about who wins you might be a little disappointed, but these episodes are from years ago. I am very much wary of spoilers, but even I can watch Jeopardy! knowing who probably (or definitely) won and enjoy it.

After all, the key to Jeopardy! is playing along. That’s the fun of it. Well, at least if you are a fan of playing trivia. I certainly am. That’s why I have taken the Jeopardy! online test every year for like a decade and auditioned three times. Someday I would love to be on the show. Until then, I can get some practice in by watching Jeopardy!, either the new episodes of the old ones on Netflix. Hey, the questions are still all accurate as far as I know. Alex Trebek is still Alex Trebek. Also, there are no commercials, which means you get more trivia fun per hour. Yeah, you could throw on some baking show and just turn your mind off this weekend. Or you could watch Jeopardy! and be productive.

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