What Kind of Wedding Bands Should You Choose If You Lead an Active Life?

Because most men lead a busy and active life doing various activities like plumbing, fixing the roof, doing household chores, gardening, playing a sport, etc., their wedding bands can take a lot of beating. They can choose either not to wear the ring daily or select a type that can survive their lifestyle and yet look good. Some key considerations in finding a wedding ring that’s as tough as you are:

Reliable and Hardy Materials

Not so long ago, men had to choose from a short list of metals for their wedding bands. Typically, their options were limited to gold, silver, and platinum, however, today there is a large assortment of space-age ring materials that not have high durability but also look attractive.

Classic gold, silver, and platinum: Even today, yellow gold, especially those that are alloyed with harder metals makes for a great choice. However, you may consider steering clear of white gold because the layer of rhodium that gives it its unique silvery luster wears away with time and needs to be re-plated by a jeweler from time to time.

Sterling silver, which is an alloy of silver with 7.5% copper or nickel is very durable, according to Forbes. However, if you wear it regularly, it retains its shine pretty well. Platinum is adored for its lovely color and strength that makes it possible for use in durable rings. You will not mind its cost because it is not only one of the hardest metals but also rare does not oxidize or corrode.

New-Gen Materials

Titanium, tungsten, and palladium: If you are one of those who are not compelled to follow tradition, you can consider some of the high-tech materials that are increasingly being used in wedding rings. Titanium, commonly used in spacecraft, is not only attractive and light but also looks very refined. It is also easy to work on for making fine detailing possible. Tungsten is increasingly finding favor by men for its cool looks and very high resistance to scratches that make it ideal for those who work intensively with their hands. Earlier available only in grey and black, you can now get tungsten rings in white too, says a sales consultant at Epic Wedding Bands. They can be personalized with laser imprints and engravings; however, being very hard, tungsten rings cannot be resized. Palladium is also a material that men of discerning taste are choosing for their engagement rings. It has the same soft white appearance as its cousin, platinum, however, it is not only much lighter but also less expensive.

Organic materials: Many creative jewelry designers are now using a large range of organic materials, ranging from wood to carbon fiber, meteorites, and even dinosaur bones in a bid to give customers exotic choices. Typically, these materials are protected by layers of hard metals like titanium and tungsten and thus can be easily worn by men with an active lifestyle.


When choosing an engagement ring, you should not only get swayed by its looks but also consider whether they are suitable for your lifestyle. If you lead a busy and active life, you must choose a ring made from a strong and durable material that will resist wear and tear.

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