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Music is a feed to non-calming souls. Whoever feels imbalanced either emotionally or mentally tired, makes his or her only option listening to music. Nowadays, there are millions of singers through the world.

But every country and its specific music carries its own uniqueness through its music genre. This genre is the recognition of every singer and their belonging to a geographic location.

Similarly happens with the music of Italy. The Italian music is not famed as some years ago but a long tradition since when the Christianity were there in Italy. Since that day every Italy has produced many singers to the world. These singers leave many unforgettable memories for us like Luciano Pavarotti.

So today we are revealing another hidden talent from Italy which is two very close friends and also great singer. These are Addict & Rewind, the teenagers who are living in Italy and released their very first song in June 2020 lockdown.

No doubt, that pandemic was painful for all of us especially for Italians who loses thousands of live, these two boys shifted their thoughts and pain of situation into words and started their career as singing and writing songs, My Spotify.

Their untouchable soft voice and the calming music makes everyone their fan and within no time, these young man have thousands of followers on Instagram and Presave link millions of listen throughout the music platforms.

Though the people who hates them said, there is nothing common but the same old poetry but those who love to listen them really knows that it worth it. Theirstyle is mixed of alternative pop and lo-fi music. And this is the style which is making them the uprising talent of Italy.

There only first song “I met you at the station” got more than 2 million engagements and this is not only happened in night. They struggled day and nights to make it fully perfect and able to release out.  Not only this there are many master pieces like “New Music Friday”, “AU CALME” and many others are part of billions of people playlist, Addict. Spotify

The surprising moment arrives here which is their new master piece of “Love, Hate”. I am the only listener to it and believe me it touches my mind through the amazing poetry and the music used. There is perfect combo of bass and lyrics which creates mind blowing effects on mind.

You can also guess the secret behind the song through its poster which will burst out the thoughts of fans. There is no long months wait but for a few days. The song “Love, Hate” would be released on all music platforms by this 7th of May.

I hope it would be equally loved by all people who are fan of alternative pop and lo fi music. You can also follow both of them on Instagram for more updates about their new arrivals.

Addict. Wav | Rewindvibes

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