Casino Tips & Strategies for craps

We’re really not sure there has even been a better time to be a passionate casino gambler than the 21st century, because these days gamblers have a simply outrageous amount of options at their fingertips. Whereas gamblers in the 20th century had to visit actual land-based casinos and play whatever games were available there, nowadays all we have to do is log onto an online casino site, and we can play thousands of different games – visit!

It is pretty crazy, however online casinos are definitely better for some games more than others. Let’s take the popular game of craps, for example, something allegedly invented by Roman soldiers thousands of years ago. Due to the fact that playing craps hinges on rolling dice it took a while for it to be adequately transformed into an online gambling game, and even then it cannot beat the real thing. Regardless, keep reading for some casino tips and strategies for craps.

How does the game of craps work?

First things first, how does the game of craps actually work? The site of somebody rolling a set of dice down the craps table at a casino is certainly an iconic image, and this is also what is at the crux of the game of craps – the dice roll. Whoever is rolling the dice during a round of craps is called the shooter, and the rest of the players are betting on the outcome.

Craps actually has quite a complex set of potential bets, however the game is mainly based on the pass line bet. Gamblers who bet on the pass win if the roll is 7 or 11, whilst they lose if it is a 2, 3 or 12. There are plenty of other bets available on the craps board, and they can vary from specific number bets, all the way through to things like odds/evens.

The best casino tips and strategies for craps

Just like with pretty much every other casino game out there, craps has a load of different tips and strategies that can be used in order to ensure you hit the big time as often as possible. It is also a fun game to play in the casino, mainly because of the inherently communal feel that it fosters.

Here are some of the best casino tips and strategies for craps:

·        Practise your dice throwing: Okay, it would take you a seriously long time to master, but if you practise your dice throwing you could get to the point where you know exactly what you are gong to throw. Don’t believe us? Just consider the story of Dominic LoRiggio, who shot to fame in Las Vegas as a result of his incredible dice control.

·        Don’t get swept up in the craps frenzy: Craps is one of the most popular table games in physical land-based casinos, precisely because it is quite unchained and communal compared to other games. This can mean that people get carried away and make stupid bets, but if you want to truly be the best craps player possible you will have to fight the urge to get drawn into any of this.

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