A Detailed And Unbiased Review Of The Lost Ways Guide

The Lost Ways program was designed and released by Claude Davis. It clearly exposes the secrets and practices essential for survival in disastrous situations. Diane Hackett, a Survivalist expert, has also contributed considerably to this program.

The program has knowledge and information that is crucial for surviving through a severe environment where there is no power, means to buy food, gas, or other amenities. Claude Davis, a survivalist with many years of experience, discloses the forgotten practices which aided people to stand and survive hardships such as famines, drought warfare, and life-threatening situations of the past.

This guide arrays from modest tips similar to baking bark bread, growing vegetables, to more cutting-edge innovations such as the construction of a smokehouse in your backyard. However, one of the most valuable and utmost materials in The Lost Ways is a guide on how to prepare and make nutritious and healthy food that would last for years by just using basic ingredients.

More importantly, it is a guide that will teach you three old lessons that help people to survive through gloomy times. In addition, it will teach you how you can make your own nutritious food, based on some primeval recipes. These recipes were used by our ancestors, and the food was meant to be last for long. It was rich in proteins and vitamins. Plainly, this food would stay edible for several months.

The Lost Ways will make you an independent individual in cases of great calamities and disasters. You don’t need experience or any assistance from a skilled individual, mainly because all information is clearly demonstrated. In cases of disasters and tragedy, you’ll hide in your underground roundhouse that you’ll be taught on how to build it in this guide.

Claude Davis holds the belief that living is essentially based on the assumption that you are the engineer and architect of your destiny. If something disastrous happens, you cannot just sit and cry all day; you have to stand for yourself and continue leading your life. In these unforgiving times, you have to preserve your sanity. You don’t need to wait until a danger or disaster strikes so that you can rush. There is great need to be prepared so as to avoid getting stunned in the wake of unknown danger or disaster.

Every chapter in The Lost Ways has targeted on a skill that is necessary for life-threating and dangerous situations. You’ll learn how to trap muskrat and beaver in winter like our forefathers.

It imparts knowledge on how our ancestors used to conserve fresh water for a very long time. Through this technique, you can be able to conserve clean water without incurring additional costs. In addition, you’ll learn how to handle threats and attacks without ammunition.

About The Author

The Lost Ways was designed and created by Claude Davis. Claude Davis claims to be a survival expert with many years of experience in this field. After being concerned by how much the modern society is disconnected from the ways of our ancestors, he created a resource guide that would help everyone get back on track. It is his hope that by compiling and sharing these long-forgotten survival techniques, he can prepare and equip readers with essential skills necessary to survive through any disaster that comes along.

What Is Included In The Lost Ways?

You are probably wondering the practical information that is inside this guide and the skills you can learn from it.

Each and every chapter addresses a specific survival trick that will help you take care of yourself and your loved one during a human-made or natural crisis.

Keep in mind that it is a 350-page guide so it is difficult to cover all the topics in this guide. But here are important issues discussed in The Lost Ways;


You’ll learn how to prepare nutritious and healthy foods that can last for a long time without refrigeration.


You’ll learn how to effectively and safely collect and preserve water to keep yourself prepared in the event of environment crisis or drought.


Learn to build a courtyard smokehouse and how to smoke meat and fish. You’ll also learn how you can make bark bread and beer.


Learn how our forefather built large and sturdy houses that could accommodate a sizeable family.


Learn how to hunt your prey by making animal traps.


You’ll also learn how to use medicinal herbs to take care of wounds and other nasty infections.

You’ll learn all the above from the main guide. However, besides The Lost Ways primary manual, you’ll also be provided with bonuses;

What Every Survivalist Should Grow In His Backyard

In this bonus guide, you’ll learn the most nutritious foods you should grow in your home garden.

How To Outlive An EMP The Early Pioneer Way

You’ll learn how to survive through the predicted EMP.

A Step by Step Guide To Building Your Own Can Rotation System

This can hold a lot of cans of different sizes.

The Pros Of The Lost Ways

  • It will help you prepare for any disaster.
  • It can be applied in real life scenarios such as when hiking or camping.
  • It is comprehensive and has been backed by facts.
  • It comes with valuable bonuses.
  • It comes with a solid 60-day money back guarantee.

The Cons Of The Lost Ways

  • You need time to go through the whole guide as it is comprehensive.
  • It has no video or audio.

The Final Verdict: Is The Lost Ways Worth Buying?

Overall, this guide is very detailed and offers a plethora of valuable information. Everyone can benefit from it. Download your copy today and get equipped with survival tips. You can read a more detailed review of the lost ways book at wfxg.com.

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