Tyler River, the comedy star, and his unique brand of humor

Social media star Tyler River has been gaining prominence in the world of comedy in the last few years. The artist acquired a massive fan base from the popular video-sharing app Vine. In fact, it was the pop icon and music sensation Taylor Swift who reposted a video of his Vine in 2012 and gave him a massive boost in his comedy career.

Tyler’s comedy routines are usually based on being in New York and has a unique brand of humor. The artist believes in setting himself apart from the crowd by making his videos relatable and positive.

Instead of trying too hard to be funny he takes every day situations and makes them funny. Another thing that sets them apart in the world of comedy is that he is constantly motivating other creators and sharing and suggesting their videos on his platform.

This kind of mutual admiration shows that he is comfortable and secure as a comedy artist.

The comedy star is constantly present on different social media platforms like Instagram and loves to try out different things. Tyler is not afraid of making fun of himself as he posts videos of himself and his obsession with hookah. His comedy routine emerges from his various experiences of living in different parts of the world.

At the young age of 17, he was picked to play football internationally and since then he has had the opportunity of being in different cultures and different parts of the world. He managed to soak it all in and use that in his comedy routine instead of using pop culture as reference material.

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HOOKIVIRI Remix of the Remix Tonio Skits Featuring Tyler River and Cristion Dior

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