Interview: Anthony Wexler

American artist, singer-songwriter, and instrumentalist Anthony Wexler released recently his latest single titled “Fragile” delivering a unique sound reflecting his multiple talents and vivid creativity. We had opportunity to talk with him about his inspiration, and future plans!

How did it feel to release your new single “Fragile”? What does it represent for you?

‘Fragile’ is about my relationship with god and how faith makes a big impact on my journey because without it, I’d be too afraid to take the next step. It’s basically a prayer throughout the lyrics. 

When did you start making music and what made you decide to take it to the professional level?

I started learning guitar at the age of 13 then started singing shortly after… I would say when my dad passed away in 2015, that was the final straw for me, it was now or never… I had to take the chances and make the moves.

Were you always a musician and a singer-songwriter or did one precede the other? 

I was a guitarist first… but shortly after came the influences and emotions that made me want to write. 

How would you describe your sound and style? 

So… my style nowadays is more based on life experience and story. I prefer to write a story about my life and share it with the world, in comparison to back a while ago when I would just write love songs, which I still do from time to time.

Who is/are your biggest inspiration in music?

As a songwriter I wouldn’t say any, because when I write, I’m writing about my life, which might resemble others but I wouldn’t be trying. However as a guitarist I would say John Mayer, Andy mckee, James Taylor, and many others. When I hear something I love… it just sticks.. that’s what it is for me.

Is there a song that inspired you in a life-changing way?

I would say there’s always a seasonal song that gets me through. In times of doubt I would pray about my journey in music.. and often I would hear a song on k-love radio by Danny gokey called haven’t seen it yet and that was like my confirmation from god to keep going. Also I always enjoyed a song called kyrie by mr mister. And I finally looked up the meaning one day and it said that it meant lord have mercy.. which to me now makes it even more awesome because now when I’m singing it as I’m driving around.. in reality I’m saying lord have mercy down the road that I must travel 

Tell us more about your relationship with faith and God, and how it helps you in your everyday life? 

God is good. I mean in simple terms I trust him. That’s not always easy. And I’m definitely not what you would call a Jesus freak. I’m just someone who simply believes that Jesus died on the cross, resurrected, and through that faith, I too can live eternally. One bible verse I tend to stick to a lot is in Romans chapter 8 verse 31.. if god is for us who can be against us. It’s something I hold onto whenever things seem unclear.

Your father was an artist too, how did it impact your own journey?

Yes… My dad was a singer-songwriter as well.. he wrote “stay with me” a long time ago for my mom.. which currently has over 150,000 streams on my Spotify. He taught me guitar when it all started back around 2003. I think about him often. Sometimes a song will remind me of him or a certain smell of a season that takes me back to my childhood days with him. I’m sure he’d be proud of me. 

Any future plans you would like to share with us?

Absolutely, one thing I know is that I know nothing, so who knows what will happen in the future. But I do have a few new songs that I’m working on at the moment and I can’t wait to share them with you all. 

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