How a Young London Businessman is Leading the UK’s Covid-19 Testing Front

Adonis Hakkim, a London born and based businessman, is now the head of one of the UK’s largest COVID-19 testing operations. Adonis who is the Chief Operating Officer at Harley Medic International has embarked on the arduous challenge of bringing private COVID-19 testing to every corner of the UK. Over the past few months, the company has grown, with over 50 different testing sites, covering every major city and town across the UK.

According to Adonis he attributes his success to the great team behind him, with a heavy emphasis on rapid responses to the demands of the UK’s population and the Governments requirements. By using a dynamic approach, he has quickly established himself at the forefront of the UK’s effort to test and in turn tackle the pandemic head on. 

Harley Medic International is redefining COVID-19 testing across the UK, with operational gold-standard testing for COVID-19. In recent months the company has moved from its standard business to business model, notoriously focused on its oil and military contracts to now include business to consumer operations. Causing huge waves to the medical industry, the young director has demonstrated extreme competence by organizing testing nationwide on a scale not seen before.  The director has been quoted saying:

“Our growth was inevitable, the industry has been extremely disorganized up until now, the economy has been desperate for a company to regiment the testing and make the procedure as straight forward as possible, this is exactly what we have done.”
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What seems to be a key difference between Harley Medic and their competitors is that they are ahead of the curve. While many companies offer the testing, a nationwide rollout has not been implemented until HMI entered the scene. This has resulted in them having the best access and relationships with labs, customer management and turnaround times. 

Travel restrictions have complicated going back home or going on holiday, these restrictions are constantly changing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many countries now require you to undergo a COVID-19 test before entering through customs and immigration. Harley Medic International provides all-inclusive fit to fly covid tests. This technique has dominated the globe as the most accurate and efficient way of testing that it has become the most accepted COVID-19 test worldwide. The test is able to identify whether someone has had the virus very early on by directly detecting the presence of an antigen, rather than the presence of the body’s immune response, or antibodies. PCR test has made it easy for public health officials to see the spread of COVID-19 within a population by screening vast swathes of nasopharyngeal swab samples with large population groups. A picture containing table, indoor, sitting, toy  Description automatically generated

The PCR test is a nasal and saliva swab test which can tell you if you have an active COVID-19 infection currently. It cannot tell you if you were previously infected, such individuals can opt for an antibody test. The lab time for results are generally between 12-36 hours, you must also ensure that you follow the test window as directed by your destination country authorities. For instance, if the requirement is a negative PCR test within 72 hours from departure, it means you cannot test before that time. Current research indicates that the most contagious period is 4-5 days after infection, if everyone aboard your flight has received a negative PCR test in the past 72 hours, then you limit the chances of the virus spreading. PCR tests are highly sensitive, in clinical practice it is vital that cross reactions with other genetic material, contamination during sampling, swab extraction and with PCR amplicon are carefully avoided to ensure there are no false positive results. False positives are a huge problem with not only the individual being tested who will self-isolate when they are well, but also national surveillance and the functioning of the track-and-trace program. Inaccurate results will have a significant impact in the way a country responds to the pandemic by overestimating the COVID-19 incidence and the extent of asymptomatic infection.

Prior to the rise of COVID-19, standard Fit to Fly Certificates were common among individuals with a pre-existing medical condition. They were issued by a GP deeming it is safe for you to fly. Standard certificates are significantly lower in cost to Covid certificates in addition to being valid for much longer, although they do not qualify as COVID-19 Fit to Fly Certificates. As the pandemic has reached an ultimate high, COVID-19 Fit to Fly Medical Certificates are only valid for a few days. It is essential to obtain such for entry into many international borders. The certificate must be issued by an accredited clinic such as Harley Medic International which provides you with a signed and stamped letter from a doctor that confirms you have tested negative and do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 deeming you are safe to travel. 

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