Unique facts about beautiful Flowers

Nature has had a way to intrigue humans since the beginning. Some secrets of nature are disclosed and some of them are still disguised under layers of mysteries. Gifts of nature, flowers, have unknown and amazing characteristics as well. Lets learn about some unheard facts about these unique flowers.

Flowers are very common, but most of the population knows about the basic famous flowers only. Flower world is not small by any means. It is a vast nation with the rarest breed and bred flowers. You can also explore the overwhelming variety of Toronto flowers at https://flowercompany.ca.

We simply cannot sum up all the rare facts, but some exciting ones are shared below.

Amazing Facts About Flowers

●     Sunflower

The slim petals known as ‘rays’, a sunflower, bring brightness and cheer to its surroundings. Our sunflower arrangements at Flower Co. are as inviting as the warmth of the sun. The sunflower has some amazing facts :

  1. The sunflower’s head is made of tiny little flowers called florets.
  • The younger sunflower’s head always tracks back to the movement of the sun, regardless of some quarters, till maturity. 
  • Facing the sun phenomenon is called ad heliotropism. Mature sunflowers face east and it does not harm their growth.
  • The tallest sunflower measures 30ft 1 inch. In 2014, the sunflower was grown by Hans-Peter Schiffer, Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany.
  • Sunflower oil is extracted by crushing the sunflower seeds.
  • Not all sunflowers are yellow. Some are purple and red as well.
  • According to the heights, sunflowers are categorized as Tall and Dwarf.
  • Sunflowers tend to self pollinate to reproduce. The seeds grown from self-pollination will be identical to the original flower.

●     Lotus

People consider lotus flowers as just muddy water beauties, but they are the most popular ones in the flower nation. The ability to revive itself after years of drought makes it sacred. Florists in Toronto use the lotus flower for many bouquets and on special demands as well. Facts:

  1. Lotus flower is considered as the most sacred of all, in the many cultures of the world.
  • Every night the lotus flower submerges itself in the water and re-blooms again the next morning, sparkling clean.
  • The process is a sacred symbol of rebirth as life, death and reemergence are not simple for any other living being.
  • A lotus seed can withstand thousands of years without water and can germinate even after 2 centuries.
  • Egyptians used it in the burial rituals of mummification, as they were the firm believers of rebirth.
  • Lotus seeds are produced in the circular pod, in the middle of the flowers. Lotus seeds are rich in calcium and are edible.
  • Lotus flowers can maintain their temperature.
  • Dry lotus stamens are used in the aromatic teas.

●     Roses

The ruler of the flower world rose is always the symbol of love and passion. Flower Co. handles many events where the roses are the main gazers. The flower has many unknown and unique facts about them.

  1. Roses have some species whose rose hips (the berry-like structure), bears the richest source of Vitamin C.
  • The oldest living rose is 1000 years old, growing in Hildesheim Cathedral, Germany.
  • Rose is the oldest flower, according to Archaeologists. Rose fossils dated back to 35 million years.
  • The most expensive rose is Juliet Rose, cultivated by David Austin. He is a rose breeder who sold high breed rose ‘Juliet’ for $15.8 million in 2006.
  • Roses can also be tall. The tallest rose recorded is 23 feet.
  • There is no black rose. The colour is not black but the deep shade of dark red crimson shade, which appears black to the viewer.  
  • About 100 million roses are grown just for Valentine’s Day, each year. Similarly, Florists in Toronto also have a huge order sheet for roses in February.
  • Rose Valley in Bulgaria produces 85% of the world’s rose oil.

●     Tulips

Flowers with long, plain stems, and a single flower top for each stem are tulips. The tulips have 6 ‘tepals’, 3 are petals and 3 are sepals. Height is dependent on the species. The unique facts about tulips are:

  1. The flower buds of the tulip flowers are perfectly symmetrical. They look beautiful when held together in a bunch.
  • The blooming timeline for a tulip flower is for 3 to 7 days in a spring season.
  • With an exception of black colour, tulips come in every shade of the rainbow.
  • Tulips became famous after reaching the Netherlands but are a native species of Asia.
  • Tulips have 150 different species and different varieties over 3000.
  • Some of the varieties of tulips have 4 to 5 flowers on a single stem, but most of them have a stemmed flower on each stem.
  • The expensive era of tulips is known as Tulip Mania. The time from 1634 to 1637 is tulip mania.
  • Tulip petals are used in place of onions in some recipes. They are edible.

These were the unique facts about the most renowned flowers, individually. The facts known were assembled, to enhance the knowledge of viewers and new gardeners.

Some more unique facts about flowers

  • According to a search project, there are 360,000 species of flowering plants so far in the world.
  • Yarrow flowers have healing properties. The wounded soldiers were treated during world war 1 with Yarrow flowers.
  • Weeds like dandelions have flowers and leaves which are rich sources of Vitamins A and C, calcium and potassium.
  • White-coloured flowers have strong scents than the colourful ones.
  • Sweet Daisy flowers have many medicinal properties. They help in relieving indigestion, pains, slowing bleeding and easing coughs.
  • 1 gram of rose oil is extracted out of 2 thousand rose flowers.
  • Moonflowers are one of the unique flowers that bloom at night only. They close their petals during the day. Moon Flowers are poisonous.
  • The watermeal flower is the smallest flower recorded in the world. It is measured to be 0.6 mm long and 0.33 mm wide.


Flowers are not expressive or verbal, and yet they are. They speak for us and forward our unsaid messages to their loved ones. The florists at Flower Co. have unconditional love for these unique mysteries of the world. Join us in this and show your appreciation.

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