How To Maintain The Natural Shine Of Granite?

The granite is a natural stone that increased demand in the domestic market, a safe bet for quality and durability in domestic spaces, subject to constant use. In kitchens, this rock is the protagonist. 

In general, granite countertops are in low demand and quite resistant, which will not require a significant investment to maintain its appearance. When it comes to surfaces for the home, few materials can rival the aesthetics of granite and its distinctive shine that will more properly fit the Balance of Nature

Whether it’s countertops, floors, or walls, this stone looks great in any room. The problem can arise over time, as not all products can give you that pristine appearance from the beginning. The key is for them to know how to take care of their slabs; that is why we have prepared a short guide that will give you the answer to your cleaning questions and will help your granite regain its luster if it is opaque.

Why Does Granite Shine?

After it is polished in the manufacturing facility, the granite produces a natural shine. This is because it has a high quartz content; besides, how it shines, as in marble, will depend on its finish. If it has been polished, it will catch all eyes. Still, if you’ve begun to realize that your granite surface no longer looks as good as it used to as a result of constant use, there are some simple tips or tricks you can apply to keep it looking new.

Keep Cleaning

One of the keys for granite to age well is to provide minimal care without using corrosive products or strong chemicals that damage its finish. They should use mild dish soap, warm water, and a paper towel daily to remove any spilled liquid. However, over time, it is prudent to do a more thorough cleaning to prevent its dullness. In case you have doubts about what product you can use, remember that you can contact us.

Avoid Common Detergents

Except for a good quality earthenware soap, you should avoid cleaning with chemicals that are frequently used in your home, such as disinfectant to remove grease from your kitchen walls or the bleach that you use to remove stains on your kitchen floors and wash white clothes. Cleaners such as bleach, laundry soap, and vinegar have to be banned entirely from their maintenance process because they can damage the stone.

Resort To Polishing

Although granite requires less maintenance with polishing than other natural stones, it is recommended that you do so if you have noticed that it has lost its shine. There are several products that you can purchase and use yourself, following the instructions on the package. When they polish their covers kitchen, be sure never to use cutting tools such as sponges wire or stiff bristle brushes because they can damage the stone. We recommend limiting yourself to using a soft cloth, specifically microfiber, making substantial, circular movements.

Don’t Forget The Sealing.

On the Mohs scale, granite has a hardness of 7, although this can vary according to the quarry. In any case, it is a reasonably high figure compared to other natural stones, such as marble, which varies between 3 and 4. By this, we do not mean that it is an invulnerable natural stone since there are certain conditions of use that can damage its appearance over time but are easy to fix. For example, in the face of loss of gloss, granite sealing is essential, consisting of filling in the spaces to protect the structure. Remember that it is a porous material.

Be Careful

Finally, just because granite countertops are among the most demanding materials for kitchen surfaces, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful. While granite slabs are strong enough to damage a knife, you should use a cutting board instead of cutting your fruits and vegetables directly on the deck. Also, remember not to abuse its resistance to heat and avoid placing pots directly from the stove.

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