FollowFox Review: The Instagram Growth Agency We Love

This fairly new company is making a big impact in the Instagram growth agency marketplace. We wanted to see what the hype was all about so we set out to dig deep into what people are saying and what their website claims they do.   

What They’re All About

We’re going to take you through FollowFox’s process from sign-up to IG success. By the end you’ll see why we love them and why you should hire them as your IG growth agency. 

  1. Signing Up

This couldn’t have been any easier. Don’t mistake easy for not thorough, though. They collect all the pertinent information like your name, your IG account name, your email address, and your IG account password (more on information security later). You enter marketing information like what type of followers you want to target, who your competitors are, your target hashtags, what type of engagement you want.

3 easy steps and you are ready to use Follow fox

  1. Account Action 

Most important is that FollowFox does not use any bots. All the actions taken on your account are done by living, breathing, true human beings. Said humans, a.k.a. your IG growth expert, diligently follow the rules and restrictions set forth by Instagram, so this ensures your account stays safe, free, unrestricted, and unbanned.

Based on your package, your IG growth expert will follow, unfollow, like comments, post comments, and/or view stories, again, all within the engagement limits set by IG. They do not post content for you, but that’s not why you hire an Instagram growth agency. You hire an Instagram growth agency so that you can spend more time creating and posting spectacular content. Afterall, without content your IG account is nothing. 

  1. Seeing Growth

When you hire FollowFox, you hire a partner to support you on your way to IG fame. While you’re busy focusing on content creation, FollowFox is engaging with your target audience, liking and posting comments, viewing stories, and other activities. Your target audience sees your engagement with their account and then they follow you back! And now you’ve just experienced growth!

But, you don’t really just want growth for growth’s sake. You want followers who are relevant to your account. If your IG niche is high-achieving female-identifying entrepreneurs, you want high-achieving female-identifying entrepreneurs to follow you back. You don’t want a teenage boy from Pakistan–he’s not compatible with your content. FollowFox listens to you, understands your account, and finds the right followers to grow your account. 

  1. Customer Support

Support on your IG growth should start from the minute you inquire about services to the time you part ways. All IG growth services claim superior customer support, but very few actually deliver on this claim. FollowFox is different and far ahead of the competition when it comes to customer service.

When you hire FollowFox, you get two people dedicated to your account: an IG growth expert (mentioned above in the Account Action section) and an account manager. Your account manager is your go-to person for any questions. FollowFox’s account managers are a distributed team throughout the world, so you’ll likely be able to reach someone whenever you want, no matter your time zone. They are available by email and live chat. Account managers typically take less than 24 hours to respond. They are quick and thorough in their answers.

  1. Monitoring

You’ll want to keep tabs on what’s going on with your account and what kind of growth you’re getting. Your FollowFox customer dashboard gives you detailed analytics on how your account is increasing. You can see the numbers by week, month, or year. Additionally, you can see who exactly has started following you, number of posts, number of followers, and how many accounts you’re following.

From your dashboard, you can also update your marketing strategy, hashtags to target, and accounts to engage with. 

  1. Technology and Information Security 

While humans do the work, behind the scenes FollowFox is using analytics tools to analyze how their actions have affected your account. They can see what worked and what didn’t and adjust accordingly. They’re always seeing ways to optimize the work on your account so you get the most growth possible.

Your password and account info is put on a 256-bit encrypted server and removed as soon as it’s no longer needed. It’s in safe hands at FollowFox. 

  1. The Benefits of a Long-term Partnership

Don’t expect millions of followers overnight. Any company that says so is using illegitimate means to get them. You want steady, consistent growth from compatible and suitable accounts. FollowFox’s social media marketing experts will partner with you to get you to the numbers you desire. But, remember it’s a partnership and the real growth takes time. The longer you’re with FollowFox the better the results. 

We Love FollowFox

There’s so much good this company provides, we think everyone should give them a try. From straightforward sign-up to a lasting partnership dedicated to seeing your success, FollowFox is an Instagram growth agency that is here to last.


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