11 best ways to get your brand noticed in summer

Let’s face it. If it’s really hot outside, you are not going to carry a lot of stuff with you. Extra baggage means useless sweating. Light and compact is the key.

Summer is not the time for heavy coats. It’s all about stuff that will help you stay cool. Lightweight accessories and containers which keep drinks and food chilled. Some things are necessary. Imagine a beach hangout without towels or water bottles. Or a trip to the countryside without a power bank for your phone. Planning a longer camping trip in unpredictable weather? Chances are, you will be relieved that you brought along an umbrella and a waterproof bag for your electronic gadgets.

Now, think about your brand image.

Your customers will find themselves in those very situations throughout the summer. Most of the time, people just grab cheap stuff off the nearest shelves. Cheap means low quality, you can count on that. This might suffice for a trip or two. But once their bargain breaks, they will be sorry.

Also, isn’t a bland no-label bag just a wasted opportunity?

Want to slip in some business talk? You never know when the best opportunity might arise.

Say your customers are out camping with potential business partners.

“What’s that logo on your bag? Hey, that’s a really neat design for a bottle. Where’d you get it? I didn’t even know they sold such eye-catching towels! Don’t tell me they’re sold out …?”

Now picture a scene at the local beach. Sun blazing, people shouting and yapping on the side. A fun volleyball game in progress. Lots more people joining the game. “Come, come,” they shout!

And in the midst of it all: caps with your logo, slippers with your brand design, folks cooling down with wet towels printed with your corporate slogans. Pictures taken. Likes and shares on social media. This simply screams free promotion, doesn’t it?

Or how about a bonfire in the wilderness? Embers crackling, stars shimmering, not much sound except crickets. Someone is bored and strikes up a conversation about a logo they see on their friend’s backpack.

“That looks really nice. Is it high quality? Cool, what else do they make? Really? My team could use that too …”

How about a sale then and there?

Now comes our offer.

Here’s what you’ll be getting out of it:

  • Summer activities for your customers – safer and more comfortable.
  • Free brand promotion behind every corner? More often than you think.
  • Both of you grateful? You bet.

This is what we call a win-win.

Check out some of the best products we’ve got on sale below.

What we guarantee:

  • Excellent quality from top to bottom.
  • Durable materials which are nowhere to be found in corner shops.
  • Top of the line prints with sharp colours and mesmerizing depth.
  • Catches the eye from both close-up and far away.

Imagine how much easier you can make it for your clients to enjoy summer to the fullest.

As they glimpse your logo, they will think about you and want to give back.

Here’s your chance. Let the summer season begin!

1) Drinking bottles

Branded aluminium drinking bottles are the safest bet. Nice, strong and durable, they will quickly become the number one choice for cold drinks at the beach. Your customers will forget about those tedious plastic bottles in a heartbeat. Less plastic is instantly better for the environment, too. Our trendy water bottles can be snapped to a backpack for best brand visibility.

2) Cooler bags

Warm nights and cool drinks go hand in hand. So if there’s no chilly beverages in sight, grumpy company is guaranteed. Help your customers avoid this by gifting them a sturdy cooler bag. Make it easy to grab the coldest refreshments at just the right moment. A huge and colourful logo will easily kick off a conversation about your brand.

3) Printed umbrellas

Living in a temperate climate has its ups and downs. As it happens, the poorest downs are downpours. Sudden rain can ruin your clothes, your gear and your mood, all in one sweep. Protect your clients from unexpected showers and present them with promotional umbrellas. You can choose a dashing design that really makes them stand out from boring no-label ones. As your clients manage to escape a thunderstorm unharmed, they will surely remember to return the favour.

BONUS: Combine this with a custom-made waterproof bag for a maximum protection gift combo. Make sure your customers’ electronic devices are as safe and sound as can be.

4) Multifunctional scarves

There are so many different options for wearing a multiscarf, your customers are bound to experiment. In summer, these can help cool down the head as a hat or bandana. It can also protect the neck from strong gusts of wind, as no one wants to catch a cold during vacation. Perhaps your clients had too much fun and got a sunburn – now they can cover up the burned area safely. Make sure to choose a nifty logo which stays recognizable in different configurations, for example a smaller print in repetition.

5) Cooler towels

Taking in the scorching sun while lying on hot sand feels great, but what if you’re about to boil? Your customers need not worry about heat strokes with a most helpful cooler towel. These handy cloths are made from a unique polyester material that vaporizes water much more efficiently than regular towels. Just dip it in water, give it a shake and it’s ready to go. Your clients can cool down sunburns and clear their head with ease, now that they have your branded cooler towel to their disposal.

6) Printed beach towels

At the beach, towels are a necessity for both sunbathing and drying up after a swim in cold water. They also offer the largest surface area for brand promotion. Tons of people will see the brand image throughout the day, whether it happens to be lying near the shore or around the shoulders of your client. Choose a colourful, bright design with a feel-good party vibe – nobody likes a depressing towel. As your customers head on vacation, they will be promoting your brand internationally without even noticing it.

7) Foldable frisbees

Looking for a quick game on a BBQ evening or a picnic at the park, but don’t want to fill up your bag with excessive stuff? The classic frisbee will surely help you out. This is a game that can be played with pretty much no skill level. It can even make for more laughs if it keeps flying away! Your customers will surely appreciate such a handy gift; it is destined to become a staple in their backpack. Someone is guaranteed to ask about the cool logo that’s printed on there, whether it be a friend or a stranger who unexpectedly got acquainted with it.

8) Printed socks

Bright-coloured, even flamboyant socks have been trendy for years now. Next to influencers and pop stars, you see them worn regularly even by world class politicians. This is an excellent opportunity for your own design. Add your company logo on the socks and it will be stay visible with many different types of footwear, including sneakers and tennis shoes. The flashier they are, the more likely your customers are to get the chance to chat about your stylish and vibrant brand.

9) Power banks

Once your smartphone runs out of battery, at least during working hours, your life seems to come to a halt, doesn’t it? In today’s world, staying connected is a top priority. Make those electricity-free summer camping trips much more bearable for your customers: hand out custom printed power banks. These devices will most certainly find lots of use, as they can help Your customers in all kinds of different situations, like getting lost on the way and checking their freshly powered-up GPS app for instructions. Imagine their thankful thoughts as they glance on your logo. With an expensive look, these gifts are perceived as valuable and well-thought-out. Now’s your opportunity!

10) Light-up speakers

Great music can make a summer vacation so much more fun. Nobody likes boring silence at the beach, and a catchy beat gives an energy boost for a quick dance after dinner in the garden, too. As the fancy logo lights up, this presents yet another opportunity to introduce your company. Be sure to choose a design that works well with backlight. Your customers can hang it on their bag for music on the go.

11) Custom shaped wireless chargers

Charging cables are so last year. There’s been so much innovation in the smartphone business that yours can probably be charged wirelessly. The same goes for your customers – perhaps they don’t even know it! Wireless chargers skip the worst part of charging, which would be those flimsy cables that are bound to break. Your customers are surely sick and tired of finding the right position for the worn-out cable to charge. Increase their quality of living and present them with a promotional wireless charger.

But get this: we offer custom shapes! That’s right: not just the print on the top, but the shape itself can also be molded as ordered – the possibilities are nearly endless. If you’re into automobiles, choose a car-shaped design. For a travel agency, how about a plane? What else can you think of? Make the choice and we’ll handle it for you.

Be sure to check out the rest of our catalogue for even more splendid ideas.

If all is set, get Your customers ready for summer!

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