The thinnest led strip—Ultra thin 3mm width led strip

What is LED strip?

LED light bar is a new and versatile form of lighting. People use these Ultra thin LED strip in their houses or in their offices to enhance the beauty and light of that place. They look very beautiful and in most cases, they used under the roofs and give a beautiful feel by lightning up there. There are many variations and exceptions, but in most cases, they have the following characteristics:

What is the width of regular LED strip lights?

An LED strip light is typically half an inch (10-12 mm) in width, and up to 16 feet (5 meters) or more in length. If you need in more length or more width, you can combine them and increase their length and width.

Picture of 10mm led strip VS 3mm led strip:

How width are the narrowest LED light strips?


LEDs can be manufactured to emit a variety of single colors and color changing options. With a thickness of 1/8” (2mm), LED strips can be installed in many tight spaces and can easily be hidden from view.

LED Strip Density = Brightness

The density of an LED light strip means how many LEDs are in a set area. For LED flex strips, density is measured in  ‘LEDs per Meter’. The Standard Density strip has 30 LEDs/M whereas the High-Density has 60 LEDs/M. A higher density strip equates to a higher quality, brighter light. The table below shows the differences between the standard and high density strips. Take note of the Lumen outputs as well as the differences in cut lengths and the max run length for each. 

But for 3mm led strip,In order not to produce black spots, we need to use more leds. Suntech led uses 196-200 leds for each led to ensure brightness and density

Can you provide aluminum profile for 3mm RGB led strip 

For optimal results and performance, 3mm LED Strip should be installed inside an aluminum profile . Use with our controllers and receivers in order to create millions of color combinations. 

1. It can protect the led, not easily broken. 

2. Aluminum dissipates heat much better then the led strip light can use longer. 

3. the led aluminum profile is very fashion design. It is widely used in office, hotel, shopping mall, showroom, movie theater, etc.

Dimming and color control

Unlike LED bulbs, all LED strips are dimmable when paired with the correct device. There are two ways to dim the LED strip: traditional phase-cut wall dimmer or DC low-voltage dimmer.

The AC phase cut dimmer method is usually best suited for residential and commercial lighting applications where the dimming input signal comes from a traditional wall switch dimmer. This setting requires TRIAC dimmable power supply.

DC low-voltage dimmers or (RGB) controllers usually take the form of manual or digital dimmer modules, which are located between the DC power supply and the LED light bar. This method is most suitable for color changing applications or situations where there are few permanent lighting installations.

 3mm led strip usage scenarios

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