Ol’ Blue Eye- Single (feat. Sinatra & Harriet)- Single Produced by Dirty Vibezs & Kodat

Dirty Vibes is one of the most popular music producers, well-known and the finest DJ in New York. New York is a home of 8 million people it is hard to break the entry barrier in the New York Night clubs as DJ as the environment is highly competitive but Dirty vibes did it in no time through his commitment, passion, hard work, and creativeness in every track. 

DJ Dirty Vibes has a unique talent that brings energy and emotional vibes to all his sets. He specializes in Trap, creative mixing the electronic music in rhythmic style touches the soul of the people, as darkness increases his music burn dance floors through high and low pitches give moves and grooves to the audience that they feel floating in a magical imaginative world and connected emotionally. He started from late-night parties, from music to the dance floors established his fan club including celebrities across New York to Miami to Las Vegas and his infectious personality, passion, energy, and love for the music behind every night, the scene shines him more in NYC. DJ Dirty Vibes tours with the biggest names of the industry like shaggy, Rihanna, Drake and many more, also a regular DJ in the most famous NYC night clubs such as Marquee, Roof Top, and Ph.D. 

DJ Dirty Vibes creativeness in trap music, mix-engineering, rhythmic blends, and lyrical structures are visible in his every track.

His latest finest music art piece, a Summer Anthem to his trap and EDM Followers, ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ is a true craft of his music creativeness and uniqueness, released in February 2021, produced by DJ Dirty Vibes and Kodat, an Arizona-based producer. 

Dirty Vibes released ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes featuring Frank Sinatra and Harriet, a Swedish music sensation. The track started with melodic voice of Sinatra joined by Harriet giving loud message of family, love, life and backed by melodic lyrics. The deep sensational Harriet voice put it into the next level and the continuous high and low beats, club music of approximately 4 minutes and just after 30 seconds takes you in the universe of self-love and touches your soul so deep that you move freely on the dance floor under the magical trans of the legend’s voices and DJ Dirty Vibes music. 

You can enjoy it on Apple Music;

Track Link: https://music.apple.com/us/album/ol-blue-eye-feat-sinatra-harriet/1559225331?i=1559225342

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Internet Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Stock Market Enthusiast| [email protected]

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