Q: Eventually the world will MacGyver its way out the pandemic; Has LIVIT been working on what their business model might look like in a post-COVID world? If so, how will it differ? How might it remain the same?

A: We’re looking forward to a post-COVID world and will begin blending the online world with the real world. It’ll be exciting to be able to throw what we like to call “offline” events and bring together some of our favorite creators and influencers for some fun new events!

I also believe the type of content that is being produced will start to become a lot more fun and interesting to watch as people begin safely exploring the outside world again.

Q: LIVIT hit the ground running at the outset in Asia with a whopping forty-five million global users. Is there a genuine surprise that LIVIT would find such a receptive audience so quickly, or – like most really good ideas – has it all felt inevitable in hindsight?

A: 17LIVE (app name in Asia) was able to fill an incredibly important void that was left by social media. Ultimately, this “FOMO” – the void of loneliness where you haven’t really caught up with any of your friends and you’re just watching the whole world have fun without you. On the other hand, 17LIVE in Asia was giving users and streamers the opportunity to make friends and share stories. The active users were watching live stream content more than they were even watching Netflix and I think at that point everyone realized there was something very special happening here.

Q: LIVIT also develops their own software which includes bells and whistles like VR and AR processes. Going forward, do you foresee many expansions as to what LIVIT does along those lines and more?

A: Unfortunately, we can’t share our development pipeline at this stage, but I will say I’m personally interested in where AR and streaming can co-exist. You can easily imagine what the next generation of content could look like with LIVE AR-processing happening in a stream room. The technology is definitely very cool.

Q: LIVIT hits the mark in many different categories: Enterprise, fashion, sports and entertainment. Is there anywhere LIVIT won’t go, that might be considered too far-out?

A: Our overall vision/goal is to “Empower Artists and Entertain the World”. I believe that in order to do so as a platform we must provide the tools and then just allow the streamers to be as creative and have as much fun as possible.

Q: Closing this out, where do you see LIVIT in another five years?

A: We’ve been around now for five years and our growth has been incredible with 60 million users worldwide. The next five years will see massive growth in terms of users–quadrupling the user base doesn’t seem out of the question as a social media platform.

In the last year alone, we’ve seen our user base grow by three times, we’ve doubled the number of our streamers and seen revenue for streamers grow tremendously during COVID when it has been difficult for a lot of people to find jobs. Becoming a streamer has definitely become a great new job for creatives!

Lastly, we’re looking forward to producing some of our own original content including a new concert series with emerging and established artists at our new live venue, LIVIT Live Lounge.

  1. Welcome to Vents Magazine LIVIT supporters and local influencers! Before we get into the nitty gritty, how have you been during these extraordinary/Twilight Zone-like times?

Fortunately, I have been amazing! As long as I am healthy and alive, I cannot complain. Plus, LIVIT keeps me busy so I can take my mind away from all of the chaos for a while.

  1. A bit of business out of the way, first and foremost: For those not in the know, what the heck is LIVIT?

LIVIT is a live streaming app that empowers talent and entertains the world! A place where creatives and local influencers can connect with their fans and showcase their talents, all while being compensated to do so. Sometimes it seems too good to be true!

  1. Again, some of us are living under rocks and with a rapidly changing world it’s not always easy to keep up on our definitions: What constitutes a “local influencer” and how are they different than, say for example, a retail salesperson who wants you to buy a particular bottle of shampoo? What are the important distinctions to keep in mind?

A local influencer is someone who is influential in your area or where you frequent, who can test out the product or service and give their audience genuine feedback. They already have a lengthy rapport with their fans who trust the influencers opinion. They can also help a business attract and engage customers. A salesperson is someone being paid hourly and/or by commission to sell you a product/service that they may not have even tried before. They have been trained to read a script, the same script, to each person that walks through the door. They are not trustworthy and you don’t know them. People almost always gravitate towards someone they feel like they know and can count on and that’s what a local influencer is to them. Like getting the truth straight from the horse’s mouth. A Salesperson is a stranger, running on an autopilot script written by their superiors. Whoseword would you take?

  1. LIVIT can really be credited for, among many things, allowing artists, entertainers and performers another venue to connect with fans. Can you walk us through exactly what LIVIT has to offer these groups of creatives that keep them coming back for more?

Access! LIVIT is giving us (creators) access to so many people around the world. We are reaching people in an instant, thousands of miles away with the click of a button. People you never would’ve met, nor even looked at, if it wasn’t for LIVIT. Plus, the infrastructure and the support that LIVIT provides keeps the people coming back. LIVIT is truly a community. I have developed so many friendships that I believe will last a lifetime. Great mentors and talent managers. Collaborations. And let’s not forget that LIVIT also has competitive wages! Not to mention ongoing events with amazing prizes! For Christmas they gave away Gucci, Tiffany jewelry, an iPhone Pro Max, XBOX and so many other things, including the GRAND PRIZE of FREE rent for the entire year of 2021. Yes, you heard me right! LIVIT is paying a streamer’s rent for the entire year of 2021. If that’s not enough to get you streaming, I don’t know what will! And people love to help you win those events as the supporters are rewarded too!

  1. Is it fair to say that the ongoing global pandemic has really hastened the popularity and the currency of a platform like LIVIT?

Oh, of course! The global pandemic allowed LIVIT to put the power into the creator’s hands and those creators are taking advantage of the opportunity. Everyone is at home and needing something to either do or watch. On LIVIT, streamers can “do” and supporters can “watch”. Now everyone is talking about LIVIT! 

  1. How much money can a diligent LIVIT user with something to say that really resounds with an audience expect to make using this platform? (Internal note: doesn’t have to be exact numbers, feel free to round out the number)

The best part about LIVIT is that the amount of money you can make is endless. A diligent LIVIT live streamer with a message dedicating the hours could make anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 a month. Yes, that’s per month. There are even streamers who make over $20,000 per month. Of course they have been there a little longer, but the potential on the heights you can reach are unlimited. You get out what you put in; and sometimes you get back a whole lot more!

  1. Do you feel that one of the reasons LIVIT has made such a splash is because of our inherent desire as a people to socialize and communicate? Is this key in understanding the LIVIT phenomenon?

Yes! From someone who has her BA in Family Science: Early Childhood Development, human interaction is very instrumental to our sanity and individual growth. This pandemic has divided everyone and we are all looking for a place to satisfy that need to connect with other individuals. LIVIT provides that platform for us to continuously build that community of family and friends away from your family and friends!

Find Jessica Cymone on the LIVIT app via JessicaCymone

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Author: RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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