How to find a High Quality Security Camera 2021

Whether its people, pets, your home or property, there are a lot of home security options out there. But how do you know which security system is the right for you? That is why today I am writing this article to help you figure that out. My name is Willy and I have been operating our Adelaide security installation branch for over 20 years, helping South Australians feel safer and more secure on their assets.

There are three main things that I think lay the foundation for everything regarding security installation

  • What do you want to protect?
  • Where do you want to protect it?
  • What kind of budget do you have?

What do you want to protect?

Are you looking to protect people, either entering or keeping those inside secure. It may be pets that you want to keep safe while you are out at work, or is it your property? It could ultimately be a combination of these things but by understanding what you want to keep safe, it will help you know the types of security tools and devices that are best for you.

A feature of any security system should include motion sensor lights that will come on when someone’s entering or leaving. This could be to keep a bad person away but it could also be for when you are coming home in the dark and the light detection illuminates the stairs. I think that a security system that uses motion detection iis a very basic element that’s going to come in almost any security system that you’re looking for. If you have pets, enquire into a pet-friendly motion sensor.

Secondly security camera selection is important especially if you’re not always home to see what’s happening. If you don’t get 24/7 supervised monitoring from an external seller, I think you will want something that brings all of these tools together into one mobile app that is going to alert you instantly when stuff is going on. No matter where you’re at or what is happening, you’re going to be able to see what’s happening and take the appropriate actions to keep your house or asset secure.

What is really helpful is to have a camera that allows live video streaming because you can use it as a way to stay in touch with your kids, almost like Big Brother, and make sure they are doing their homework. There is a lot more home security system extras that can connect your smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector and send you an instant alert. You can also add that extras that look for things like water leaks or changes in temperature.

Tools like smart locks and smart lighting can have it connected to your system to adjust setting when motion is detected. Personally my very favourite thing to do is to connect my system to my voice assistant so I don’t even have to hit the button, I can just say “hey Alexa! Turn on Security Cameras”, and whether you go with Amazon Alexa or Google assistant, I think a system that works with voice control is super convenient.

I know by now you may be asking “how much is all of this of going to cost me?” Let me first say, I do not think that any of it should sacrifice financial security for home security. I really want to emphasise that you need to know your budget and what you want before you start talking to a Home Security company because they are very persuasive. Often they want you to be as protected as possible and it is really easy to get caught up with much more than you really need.

Free and home security assessment can be great but they are going to want to put you in a maximum security home so keep in mind your budget and don’t stray from that. Look out for, especially if you end up with a security company because they full remainder of your contract will need to be paid at the end of the period

Now that you know it’s a look for you can find solutions for every scenario and every budget. The team and I have been in the industry for over 20 years we have done thousands of hours of research and testing to put together tips and tricks that they will help you select the right home security system for you.

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