Data Scientist: The best  Job of 21st Century

The Harvard Business Review mentioned long back that Data Scientist is the sexiest job of this century. And the reason for that is as the billions of devices are hugely generating data, the need to manage data & infer from it is becoming essential. Furthermore, it is a high-paying field & also there are going to be numerous jobs in the coming future; hence the Harvard Business Review mentioned it so in their edition. So if you are looking to shift your career or begin your career and think of taking a Data Science Course, this article should be a must-read for you. Don’t think twice; just grab your drink, sit back for a few minutes & read on!

What is Data?

Data is basically any information. It is a matter written on a piece of paper, calculations made on an article, a memory in the brain. Or it can be an image, a video, or an excel sheet. Basically Data is anything informative. Particularly, since the last two decades, the term ‘Data’ is referred to as computer information. Specifically, the text files, audio files, video files, software, images & so on. And the study of this is taught in the Data Science course. Further, Data is being referred to as any computer information stored in the hard disk/RAM in the binary format i.e., 0’s & 1’s. Data in the field of science is broadly classified into two categories. 

  1. Structured 

The Data is in organized form like the one that is produced in the excel sheets. Specifically, the row-column data. And a significantly less percentage of the data in the world is structured.

  • Unstructured

Basically, this is the unorganized Data. Specifically, the text files, images, audio files, video files, CSV files, etc., come under this category. Specifically, a large percentage of data of the world is unstructured. And a Data Science course mainly deals with collecting, analyzing & inferring from structured & unstructured data.   

What is Data Science ?

Basically, Data Science is the study of vast volumes of data collected from text files, audio files, etc. Particularly, the heavy volume of Data is processed using modern techniques & tools, and valuable information is observed. And this information is used to make vital business decisions. Specifically, this study enhances pattern discovery & predictive analysis, which ultimately helps in making better decisions. And this is the core of any Data Science course.

Moreover, this has applications in almost every sector. And it may be Automobiles, Manufacturing, Textile, Software, Sports, Telecommunication, Electronics, Finance, Media, Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment, etc. Furthermore, Modern & high-quality algorithms are employed in inferring valuable information. The main aspects of DS are Analysis, Warehousing, and Visualization. 

The primary tasks that Data Science allows are as follows:

  • Finding the critical cause of the problems through assertive questions
  • An exploratory study on collected Data
  • Applying various high quality & optimum algorithms to infer key points
  • Obtain results using Graphs, Charts, Infographics, etc.

Prerequisites to learn Data Science  

Basically, to undergo a Data Analytics course , you need to have some specific skills/methodologies. And they are as follows. 

  • Programming

Particularly, an adequate level of programming knowledge is necessary to learn this science. Basically, experience in any language is a good sign. And the languages may be C, C++, Java, Javascript, etc. Specifically, Python & R are feasible languages as they are very much used in DS & Machine Learning.

  • Statistics 

Basically, DS is more about tabulating the data, which are the results of many algorithms used in the study. Moreover, a good level of statistical knowledge gives a good start in this field. And if you are an expert or professional in statistics, then it becomes an added advantage. Furthermore, this allows extracting better intelligence & results from the Data. Lastly, most of the Data Science Course suggest you know at least the basics of Statistics. 

  • Databases

Basically, the Database is the foundation of DS. The entire DS process begins with Databases. Moreover knowing any of the SQL or NoSQL is an added advantage. Languages like MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc. are should & must to learn DS. Particularly, if you are from a software or computer applications background, it will be easier for you to pick up on them. 

  • Modeling

Mathematics is a critical factor in DS. And the mathematical models allow you to infer information from the Data which you already know. Moreover, the Mathematical model will enable you to select the appropriate algorithm to be applied to get the desired results. If you come from a mathematical background, then it will be an added advantage.

  • Machine Learning

Basically, Machine Learning (ML) is said to be the backbone of DS. And having a good understanding of ML is a great plus point. And some of the Data Science Course teach ML in their curriculum. 

What does a Data Scientist basically do ?

Basically, A Data Scientist analyzes the data & extracts meaningful insights to help make better business decisions. And this will be the core of any Data Science Course.

The basic steps that a Data Scientist takes are:

  • Asking appropriate questions to solve the problem
  • Accumulate data from various resources 
  • Data processing, i.e., processing raw data to convert in suitable analysis format.
  • Apply a Machine learning algorithm or Statistical Model.
  • Infer insights from the results & help the stakeholders to make better business decisions


Finally, after looking at the various aspects of Data Science, we can conclude that Data Science is undoubtedly an exciting field. And DS in the coming years will be an inevitable aspect for any sector. Specifically, it is because DS enhances decision making which thereby accounts for increased profits. And we recommend you to take the suitable Data Science Courses that various institutes offer. 

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