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Application of DC motor produced by motor production line

As the market demand for micro motors continues to increase, traditional manual assembly and semi-automatic assembly can no longer meet the current market demand. Many big companies are inclined to invest in fully automatic motor winding machine and motor production line. Because it helps to reduce the labor cost and management cost of the enterprise, shorten the production cycle, and improve the production efficiency of the motor. In addition, it brings opportunities for enterprises to cooperate with more large companies. Intelligent manufacturing and unmanned workshops are the development trend of today’s society. As more and more young people are unwilling to enter the traditional factory, many companies are facing difficulties in recruiting workers. A short-term shortage of workers will seriously affect production output and efficiency. In recent years, the birth rate of newborns has also been declining.

The application fields of micro DC motors are as follows:

  1. Automobile motor.

As automobile sales are increasing year by year, the demand for automobile motors is also increasing. The automatic quantitative electronic fuel injection system replaces the traditional carburetor, and the ABS brakes are replaced by motors. A car has increased from a dozen motors to 30 or 40, and even more than 80 motors are used. Motorcycles replace bicycles, and electric vehicles replace fuel vehicles. People have higher and higher requirements for energy conservation, environmental protection and performance of vehicles.

  • Household motor.

For example, hair dryers, electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, health care equipment, electronic locks, etc. This type of micro-motor and control technology is the core technology of modern home appliances. There are many types and large quantities of motors for home appliances. Although they belong to a more mature market, the new models focus on products with multiple functions, energy saving, low noise, and low vibration. These characteristics are also in line with the high-quality effects of the future design, production, and testing of home appliances, and the future market will grow substantially.

  • Medical equipment motor.

Hospital outpatient micro motors are used for diagnosis and treatment, inspection, inspection, analysis equipment. There are more and more high-precision small motors used in such products, and the number has increased greatly. With electronic control, they have high added value and have great potential for future development.

  • Electric tool motor.

Industrial products are transformed into household portable tools, making high-end electric tools and household electrical products popular. The more stringent the performance requirements of series-excited motors, the greater the potential for development.

  • Office device motor.

Such as copiers, composite printers(MFP) and vending machines, etc.

HONEST focuses on the R&D and production of micro motor assembly line, over 13 years of manufacturing experience. We realize unmanned production workshops for motor manufacturers.

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