Alex Kinter’s Poolside hits you differently thanks to a gripping screenplay in a 1950‘s backdrop

Whenever a Director of Photography helms the ship, impeccable visual storytelling is expected. That is the case with Poolside by Alex Kinter and Erik Schuessler. The 17-minute Indie-thriller short movie conveys the story of a high society woman battling her own sanity amidst a retro mid-fifties backdrop.

Produced by Kinter Media and Food Dance Films, Alex Kinter has framed his short-movie wonder by capturing even the subtlest feelings emoted by actress Anne Beyer, the lead in this flick. Accolades poured all around the world to Alex, who hails from Colombia and established himself as a strong Latino director in Dallas, thanks to his “Poolside” independent mood film.

The 50s-themed short movie was selected to a number of prestigious awards including Indie Shorts Awards New York (USA), Indie Shorts Awards Cannes (France), Milan Gold Awards (Italy), New York Movie Awards (USA) and Florence Film Awards (Italy). On top of that, Alex’s “Poolside” was chosen for famed film festivals like the Prague International Film Festival (Czech Republic), Global Indie Film Fest (Scotland), Andromeda Film Festival (Turkey), Lisbon Film Rendezvous (Portugal), and FilmHaus (Germany).

The riveting narrative of “Poolside” ensured its secure place among audiences as well as film critics. “I think the audiences will have a unique experience through the lead character and her journey of self-realization”, Alex quoted.

Being a Latino director and finding a way to establish his movie-making style was no ordinary journey for Alex Kinter. Coming from Cali, Colombia, Alex had to make a mark for himself after attending the Texas A&M University-Commerce program for Art Direction and Photography in 2011. Fast forward about 15 years, Alex had completed various assignments for diverse clients. His works from the last 5 years enabled him to transform a loft-sized company named Solarity Studios to an incredibly vast 25000-square foot production house which sponsored the Dallas International Film Festival and the Texas Revolution Indoor Football Team.

The visionary director rebranded Solarity Studios to Kinter Media to fuel his passion for film production, commercial video production, landing page marketing videos and enthralling cinematic snippets. Alex Kinter then began experimenting with his visual-laced storyline by adding layers of emotions into the scene. The Colombian-born director comes out strong with his inimitable screenplay and stunning visuals.

“Poolside” was critically acclaimed and a multi-awards winner. Art Film Awards, Best Indie Film Award, Andromeda Film Festival, New York Movie Awards and Hollywood Blvd Film Festival honored Alex Kinter’s “Poolside” with the Best Short Film award. Indie Short Fest awarded it for Best Thriller Short and the Special Mention Jury Award of Excellence.

Another Award of Excellence was crowned by IndieX Film fest for the Best Women Short Film. Renowned film festivals like Florence Film Awards and FilmHaus awarded “Poolside” with Honorable Mentions. At time of this writing, Alex’s “Poolside” was selected for the SFTF Film Festival in Bogota, Colombia and won the European Cinematography Awards (Amsterdam) for Best Cinematographer.

“Poolside” was released for special screening on January 21, 2021. Erik Schuessler, who co-directed the short film, penned the script. Sadly, his untimely demise just before the release rocked the entire production crew, particularly Alex. “This film will be a tribute to Erik and we will work hard to preserve his memories in it”, said an poignant Alex.

Alex has hinted “Poolside” will be coming soon to Video On-Demand outlets such as Amazon Prime and it is just a matter of time. Audiences can know more about the widely celebrated Indie short film at

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